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Should I Stop Caring?

When I created my business messaging and public relations business in 2007, I was a single mother with three young children, the economy was in a tailspin, and I believed scrappy hard work would allow me to prevail. It did. I used my writing and communication skills to empower businesses and nonprofits to tell their story, to reach more customers,… Read more →

Why I Blog

So that I have a motivation to write every day. To tell the world about the beautiful heaps of snow all around me, the clear crisp sunlit days of winter in Southeast Michigan. To have an outlet where I can speak and weave words and hope that someone will read and listen and love what I have to say. To… Read more →

ABWA Leadership Day June 21st – I’m speaking!

Last night, I attended the ABWA Maia chapter meeting in Ann Arbor to hear my friend and client Alisa Peskin-Shepherd speak about compassionate negotiation. Using her experience and training as a mediator and family law attorney, she explained tips and techniques for negotiating in every aspect of our work and personal lives and did a stellar job presenting. I’ve been… Read more →