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A World of Contradictions – or is it Juxtapositions?

The Facebook posts scroll through hate and war and terror to love and hope and brilliance. A woman posts her son’s first book. A friend poses in an optimistic way on a brilliant sunny beach with the word POSITIVITY stamped across the center of the photo. Another woman posts about her disabled daughter rising early, dressing herself and making breakfast… Read more →

From Scratch

“This is made from scratch in a home kitchen with the best ingredients,” the woman told us. She was pointing to artful cupcakes in plastic containers with homemade labels stuck to the top. “I once looked at the ingredients of the same cupcake I bought in the store, and there were like 20 more ingredients than I need!” On the way… Read more →

No Child Left Inside

“The sky was our storybook,” Ray Rustem told me as I discussed the No Child Left Inside initiative he’s spearheading within the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. When we were young, we played outside, created whole worlds during romps in the woods and nights under the stars. We breathed deeply and well. We maintained healthy body weights and hardly anyone… Read more →