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San Diego Sadhana

Today started very early, before the sun rose in Southern California, and I walked across the quiet street from m y hotel to Karma Yoga San Diego for sadhana. Sadhana means practice in Sanskrit and it’s whatever you do regularly as a routine to nourish your spirit and soul. In the Karma Yoga world, sadhana means the traditional early morning… Read more →

How Old Are You?

Yesterday, the Torah portion devoted a lot of ink to talking about how many days Abraham and Sarah lived. Not the total years, the days. The reason, the Sages say, is that this reading, Chayei Sarah, is supposed to convey the idea that what you do with your days determines your true age – rather, how productive you are with your… Read more →

Finding Peace

It was brisk yesterday, the air crisp, the autumn leaves fallen to the ground. Asher and I set out on the dirt trails, winding through forest, around marsh and pond, up hills and down and over streams, for a Shabbat hike, a path toward peace. He’d been wanting to do this for some time now, hike on the Sabbath as… Read more →

The Cycle of Life Keeps Spinning: My Niece’s Bat Mitzvah

I didn’t tear up this much when I was younger. As my niece ascended the bimah last night for her bat mitzvah, the tears threatened to come. When she spoke about my sister’s triumphant fight against cancer six years ago, the tears welled up. When my father said the motzi over the challah like his father/my grandfather did 30 years ago… Read more →