Tag: Swami A. Parthasarathy

What Is Love?

It isn’t sexual desire, it isn’t exclusive, and apparently it isn’t lasting. At least that’s what Michael Johnson said in an incredible yoga workshop yesterday at Karma Yoga. Quoting from Barbara Fredrickson’s book, Love 2.0, Johnson shared the social scientist perspective on love as it led us into a bhakti vinyasa yoga class where we had the whole gamut of experiences… Read more →

The Purim Story

Today is a fun Jewish holiday called Purim, a sort of Halloween with a carnival-like atmosphere of dress-up and treats but with a meaningful story at its core. Purim is a story of everything being upside down. What you think is good is in fact bad and vice versa. Thankfully, the good guys win, but not without some harrowing, nail-biting… Read more →