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A Very Jewish Christmas

My grandfather used to sit in front of the TV on Christmas Eve, watching Midnight Mass in Rome, the Pope orchestrating one of the holiest services of the church year. My first-generation American grandfather, whose parents were cousins from a shtetl in Poland, who just a few hours later would rise to start a new day, wrapping tefillin around his arm and… Read more →

Finding Peace

It was brisk yesterday, the air crisp, the autumn leaves fallen to the ground. Asher and I set out on the dirt trails, winding through forest, around marsh and pond, up hills and down and over streams, for a Shabbat hike, a path toward peace. He’d been wanting to do this for some time now, hike on the Sabbath as… Read more →


Where were you during the Blackout of 2003? Ten years ago, when the big Blackout happened across a third of this country, my little girl was gestating in utero and my eldest curly-haired boy was a frolicking toddler. We were religious then and packed up our abundant amounts of celebratory Sabbath foods and headed north, devastated by the idea of… Read more →