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Now That I’m Home

The trip home was a lot harder than the trip to India. For one, you have the enthusiasm and adrenaline pumping on the way there – an adventure ahead! Can’t wait! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!! On the way home, especially from an inspiring and transformative trip, emotions swirl. Exhaustion of very full days in an foreign country sets… Read more →

I Didn’t Expect to Love India

Walking through the ashram where the Beatles learned Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi, I fought back tears. My eyes filled, and I swallowed, breathing deeply from the intensity of it all. The tall trees and wildflowers. The buildings fallen into disrepair from a decade and a half of unuse were so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. Even the graffiti was lovely,… Read more →

Going to India

“Mommy, I just realized: you’re excited to go away because you have an adventure. We’re not because we’re still at home. It’s like you’re going to camp.” These were the insights from my darling daughter just last night about my trip to India winter 2014. It’s a major breakthrough because when I accepted my client and friend Katherine Austin’s generous… Read more →