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Remember the Romance

The kids shuffled off the ice after skating lessons yesterday in a big crowd of eager faces. The teachers stepped off the ice one by one and as usual, everyone milled about, talking excitedly, reviewing the lesson, looking at next week. Suddenly, the door to the ice shut definitely and a love song struck up over the loud speakers. Loud.… Read more →

All You Need Is Love

I learned about love from a man in white cotton, with a wrinkled forehead and very little hair, who spent most of his life barefoot in a tropical climate. Love is not preferential attachment, he said. It is universal identification. When you can see yourself in another person, that is love. When they are you and you are them. It took me years… Read more →

Bean Plant

At the end of the school year, Shaya brought home a fragile bean seedling in a little plastic cup. The stem was half-broken, and the message not optimistic. Surely, this plant would find its way to the garbage heap before long. But we replanted it from the cup into the border garden on our patio. The little tender roots clutched… Read more →

Filling a Hole in my Heart

All the years of my life, until my grandmother started her decline in the last two years of her life, carefully chosen cards arrived for me at every holiday. The Jewish ones,  yes, and the secular ones – Valentine’s as much as Hanukkah, Halloween and Rosh Hashanah, Passover and Mother’s Day. Grandma Sheila remembered every moment, every anniversary, every emotion,… Read more →