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Finding Your Path: Once a Writer, Always a Writer

When I started this business, I spent the first year or two explaining to people that, while I work primarily in public relations, I’m really a writer. I’ve been in the business of public relations for seven years now, running a growing company that is succeeding in building business for our clients through storytelling, relationships and higher purpose. Except that writer… Read more →

I Didn’t Expect to Love India

Walking through the ashram where the Beatles learned Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi, I fought back tears. My eyes filled, and I swallowed, breathing deeply from the intensity of it all. The tall trees and wildflowers. The buildings fallen into disrepair from a decade and a half of unuse were so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. Even the graffiti was lovely,… Read more →

The Beauty of Sex

In this two weeks of spiritual journey, I started to ponder the amazing wonders of every piece of our lives. So much of yoga focuses on releasing us from the bondage of our self-imposed chains,  so that we can realize our potential, and live at a higher level. Live from the soul, from the holiness in each of us. No,… Read more →