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Matchmaking in Business

Water glasses and coffees appeared on the table. We ordered salads and gluten-free pizzas and did the getting-to-know-you dance. First, the conversation focused on business. What do you do? Here’s what we do. Any chance we can work together or refer each other or send business your way and mine? But as the food arrived and the newness eased, the conversation… Read more →

What Is Love?

It isn’t sexual desire, it isn’t exclusive, and apparently it isn’t lasting. At least that’s what Michael Johnson said in an incredible yoga workshop yesterday at Karma Yoga. Quoting from Barbara Fredrickson’s book, Love 2.0, Johnson shared the social scientist perspective on love as it led us into a bhakti vinyasa yoga class where we had the whole gamut of experiences… Read more →

Fitting In

Most of us spend our entire lives trying to find where we fit. I remember wanting the cool jeans in 5th grade, the cool haircut in 7th grade, the cool boyfriend in high school, the cool sorority in college. Then it was the cool job in the cool city, the cool roommate, the cool husband, the cool kids. Except I… Read more →