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Coming Home

For the past week, I’ve disconnected from a lot of my everyday world to immerse in nature in the northern reaches of my home state. Our travels took us far and wide, covering approximately 1,500 miles in seven days, and every minute was permeated with being in the moment and inhaling the freshness of the natural world. At night, we… Read more →

Finding Your Path: Once a Writer, Always a Writer

When I started this business, I spent the first year or two explaining to people that, while I work primarily in public relations, I’m really a writer. I’ve been in the business of public relations for seven years now, running a growing company that is succeeding in building business for our clients through storytelling, relationships and higher purpose. Except that writer… Read more →

Getting Political

Spoiler Alert: Some of my Jewish friends may not like what I’m about to say. All week, I’ve been observing and listening and sitting with the commentary regarding the awful tragedy of the three Israeli teens who were murdered in the West Bank. I debated whether to write about it because frankly, I don’t want a firestorm. But I also… Read more →

Spiritual Connections

Recently, my family celebrated the Jewish spring harvest holiday of Shavuot. It’s a little known holiday that most Jews don’t even notice, let alone the non-Jews in our midst. Luckily, my kids attend a school where some Orthodox kids go, so the administration wouldn’t think anything’s amiss when I called in their absence. On Shavuot, we read the Book of… Read more →

Million Dollar Arm

I expected to love this movie, especially on a rainy day in southern Illinois with my children and husband beside me. But something really bothered me about it. Of course, feeling motion sick from the constant moving of the camera didn’t help. But it was deeper than that.  The premise, based on a true story, that a money-hungry, career-building American… Read more →