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The Power of Travel

I’ve circled the globe this year. Two weeks in India, a week in Israel, a week at the beach, a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’ve been back to San Diego (five times in three years), and I’ve jaunted to Sedona, Maine, Florida for long weekends. There’s nothing like getting away to make you appreciate your life. And there’s nothing like… Read more →

Time Out

Ever wonder where the days go? Get to work, pour your first coffee, barrel through emails and to-dos and post-its and start to work. If the phone rings, forget it, you’re done-for. Get off-track and you’re off for good. Get in the car, meet someone for lunch. Perhaps it’s a client who’s also a friend, and you kill two birds… Read more →

Thanksgiving 2014

“Family.” People coming together who you don’t normally see. Turkey. Cranberry jelly that no one likes. Football. The children were asked to think about what this upcoming holiday really means. We sat with pens and pencils poised above lined paper and looked at snippets of poetry from years and centuries past, at what this holiday is about, at the points where we connect to… Read more →