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Moral Courage

When you use your power to speak out against wrong, to stand up even when people don’t want you to, you make the world a better place. Silence doesn’t win wars. Silence doesn’t create a harmonious community. Silence kills. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “I can guarantee you this, the days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of… Read more →

Too Close to Home: Attacks on French Jews

After women shopping for their Shabbat meals were gunned down in a kosher supermarket in Paris, 5,000 police officers have been dispatched to secure Jewish schools and synagogues throughout France. A unity rally in Paris rallied around the Jewish community. It’s as if it’s happening to me. Here. Now. To us. Although I have lived my entire life as an American… Read more →

What Would You Do?

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom haShoah, a day dedicated to remembering the atrocities of the second world war, the abhorrent hatred and persecution of so many people, including my ancestors. Our existence is so easy. We take for granted all the freedoms that our forebears fought for. From where we sit, it’s easy to say I would have stood up… Read more →