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Too Close to Home: Attacks on French Jews

After women shopping for their Shabbat meals were gunned down in a kosher supermarket in Paris, 5,000 police officers have been dispatched to secure Jewish schools and synagogues throughout France. A unity rally in Paris rallied around the Jewish community. It’s as if it’s happening to me. Here. Now. To us. Although I have lived my entire life as an American… Read more →

Storytelling Makes the World Go Round

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.” ~ Hopi proverb If you think about it, everything we do depends on storytelling. How we make friends, build relationships, add new clients. How we deepen our existing relationships, how we tell the world we exist. This weekend, two of my children hosted holiday parties for friends. After, they recounted the stories that… Read more →

San Diego Sadhana

Today started very early, before the sun rose in Southern California, and I walked across the quiet street from m y hotel to Karma Yoga San Diego for sadhana. Sadhana means practice in Sanskrit and it’s whatever you do regularly as a routine to nourish your spirit and soul. In the Karma Yoga world, sadhana means the traditional early morning… Read more →

Are You Quite Informed? A Political Rant…

Headlines read that if peace talks don’t begin, European nations threaten to follow Sweden’s lead and acknowledge a Palestinian state. Um, is that a fair threat? Don’t peace talks require two parties coming to the table? And why is acknowledging a state a threat? Back in the 1940s, most world powers refused to recognize Israel as a state, and throughout… Read more →

Finding Peace

It was brisk yesterday, the air crisp, the autumn leaves fallen to the ground. Asher and I set out on the dirt trails, winding through forest, around marsh and pond, up hills and down and over streams, for a Shabbat hike, a path toward peace. He’d been wanting to do this for some time now, hike on the Sabbath as… Read more →