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Afraid to Say ‘Spiritual’?

I’ve just set up a Facebook page for me as a speaker and author (click on it and like it!!), and my wonderful business coach and I were discussing what other title to add. She wanted “conscious entrepreneur.” I preferred “spiritual entrepreneur.” A conversation ensued. (P.S. The header says conscious but will say spiritual by tomorrow!) “I’m thinking how others… Read more →

Ask Why

The other day, we were planning for a client’s social media involvement in the new year. It’s a client that’s been on Facebook and a bit on Twitter, but we weren’t sure they were achieving much reach or engagement, so I insisted we take a step back and ask the big questions. Why? Or, more concisely: what is this client… Read more →

We’ve Been Betrayed by Social Media

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’m convinced: we have been betrayed by social media. People post about their “wonderful” spouses with whom they are so divinely in love. They post about their BFFs and their magnificent parties and their incredible kiddos and their great workplaces. What they don’t post about, none of us, is their awful husbands… Read more →

A World of Contradictions – or is it Juxtapositions?

The Facebook posts scroll through hate and war and terror to love and hope and brilliance. A woman posts her son’s first book. A friend poses in an optimistic way on a brilliant sunny beach with the word POSITIVITY stamped across the center of the photo. Another woman posts about her disabled daughter rising early, dressing herself and making breakfast… Read more →