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Lauren Francis-Sharma: Til the Well Runs Dry

Sometimes, your mission is right there in front of you and you don’t even realize it. That’s how it came to be for Lauren Francis-Sharma, the author of ‘Til the Well Runs Dry, an historical novel based on her own mother’s journey of being born in Trinidad and being left behind when her mother traveled to the States. Francis-Sharma’s mother came to… Read more →

The Pope’s PR

While I’m not a Catholic, I was mesmerized and watchful about the recent storytelling that accompanied the election of a new pope. Whichever cardinal is responsible for the Vatican’s public relations is doing a fantastic job. In particular, I am amazed at how deftly the story was turned from a jaw-dropping papal resignation (what scandal! what’s the story!) and recent… Read more →

A Spiritual Journey

I loved going to church with John. We were scruffy college kids with too much energy and no concept of boundaries, religious or otherwise. We’d blast Queensryche and Metallica in his apartment and eat what we thought was delicious pasta with canned chicken – a dish I can’t even fathom today. And the conversations we had, late at night and… Read more →