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Matchmaking in Business

Water glasses and coffees appeared on the table. We ordered salads and gluten-free pizzas and did the getting-to-know-you dance. First, the conversation focused on business. What do you do? Here’s what we do. Any chance we can work together or refer each other or send business your way and mine? But as the food arrived and the newness eased, the conversation… Read more →

Early Morning Walk

So many things to write about! The scent of the dewy grass and dirt of the nature preserve. The slippery call of the bluebirds perched on a fence that I passed on my early morning walk. The pink and purple flowers with two fuzzy puppies rolling in them, butterflies made of netting stuck into the dirt to create the illusion… Read more →

After the Book Party

Last night was lovely – a packed chapel at Song & Spirit Institute for Peace in Berkley, Michigan, people enthusiastically paging through my new book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, and a general feeling of warmth and love from friends, family, clients and colleagues. What more could I ask for? When I got home, there was the expected come-down… Read more →