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Too Close to Home: Attacks on French Jews

After women shopping for their Shabbat meals were gunned down in a kosher supermarket in Paris, 5,000 police officers have been dispatched to secure Jewish schools and synagogues throughout France. A unity rally in Paris rallied around the Jewish community. It’s as if it’s happening to me. Here. Now. To us. Although I have lived my entire life as an American… Read more →

Thanksgiving 2014

“Family.” People coming together who you don’t normally see. Turkey. Cranberry jelly that no one likes. Football. The children were asked to think about what this upcoming holiday really means. We sat with pens and pencils poised above lined paper and looked at snippets of poetry from years and centuries past, at what this holiday is about, at the points where we connect to… Read more →

On Veterans Day: Being of Service

Once, I combed through photos in my grandmother’s apartment, looking at the fading black-and-white images and seeing my proud grandfather conducting a Passover seder around long tables in Brazil. The men wore official uniforms, as they were stationed there during World War II, part of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. My grandfather was a gentle grandfather with the… Read more →