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The Idiocy of the USTA

Last fall, I picked up my tennis racquet again (which I remember, had bought from after no consistent play for 20-some years and I got back in the game. I love tennis. It’s a be-here-right-now game and I’m meeting great people on the court after my too-long hiatus. So it’s a natural next-step to want to play tournaments and… Read more →

Rune of the Self

Nothing in excess was the second adage written above the door at the Delphi. The first: know thyself. Every time I turn around, there is a lesson repeated from another tradition, all languages universal, all belief systems eternal. Be of the world but not in it.¬†From the book on runes but it is also from Vedanta and frankly, Orthodox Judaism.… Read more →

Emotional Quotient

I knew it! PR isn’t about public relations – it’s about people. Imagine that. In a world gone social media, people still reign supreme. (I don’t think the twentysomethings have heard…) Great article in the April 2011 issue of Tactics, the PR Society of America’s publication. Susan Balcom Walton, associate chair of ¬†communication at Brigham Young U., wrote the following:… Read more →