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From Scratch

“This is made from scratch in a home kitchen with the best ingredients,” the woman told us. She was pointing to artful cupcakes in plastic containers with homemade labels stuck to the top. “I once looked at the ingredients of the same cupcake I bought in the store, and there were like 20 more ingredients than I need!” On the way… Read more →

The Best Cup of Coffee

Great Lakes Coffee Roasters. Early on a spring morning. Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers. My son is getting braces right this very moment. I order the Guatemala pour over – which has hints of buttermilk, according to the chalk board menu. I don’t care what hints lurk within the folds of the drink. It is warm. Its scent reminds… Read more →

The Leftover Chef

I’m adding that title to my business card. Seriously. It would make you think, wouldn’t it? Plus, it’s the person I like most being. In the literal sense, and in the metaphor, too. More specifically, yesterday my children stayed home from school for the last day of the fall Jewish holidays, and Eliana and I spent the morning turning everything… Read more →