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Blog Hiatus

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you probably have already realized I’ve been diminishing my blogging. By a lot. Why? There are so many reasons … I don’t feel I have as much to say here in blog format, for one, and I’m just too busy with my business ( and my new nonprofit, One Earth Writing… Read more →

Finding Balance

My son’s fifth-grade teacher sent an email to parents this week, explaining that she is moving around the subject blocks from Monday to later in the week because Monday was too packed for learning. There will be changes in the schedule starting Monday to find a more rhythmic breathing balance for specific days. For instance, rather than mathematics and language… Read more →

At The Joe

  “And now it’s time for the Mahle Detroit Red Wings Power Play!” Every minute of last night’s hockey game, or so it seemed, was sponsored by a high-paying advertiser. The shovels pushing away the ice shavings had Fifth Third’s logo on them. The power plays were sponsored. There were half a dozen or so TV timeouts, halting the game… Read more →

Jury Duty

The judge almost danced in his eagerness to welcome those of us in the jury pool, explaining how the building wasn’t intended to be a district court and that he knows the fold-down seats were woefully flat and hard to sit on. Noticing two Orthodox Jews in the audience, he mentioned that the box of donuts on the table for… Read more →