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Are You Happier?

This morning, I stepped into the Dunkin’ Donuts two miles from my home, the one with kosher certification on the corner in the religious neighborhood, and waited in line to order my daughter a bagel breakfast sandwich. The refrigerator is nearly empty. All bread, bagels and other leavened foods are gone from our house, eaten up or thrown away. Tonight… Read more →

In the Name of God

Imagine the world in pre-human times, and ask yourself: was there a church? Did anyone speak of, or think about, God? Is the notion of religion, then, a creation of our advanced human minds when, faced with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that gave us too much time to ponder the questions of our origin and our eventual demise, we faced… Read more →

Oh Holy Night

  “You¬†are¬†religious,” she said, as she poured water into my cup. She was right. I’d been hedging my comments for so long, wedged into other people’s understanding of what it means to be religious. Not listening to my own inner voice, which has always told me that religious is a personal definition, a valuation of spirituality that no one else… Read more →