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Two Sides of a Coin

As I sat on the hard wooden bench of the family court this week, awaiting resolution of my own issue, I watched the machinations of the people sitting before the judge. Their arguments, their pleas, their cries for help or for hatred or for recognition. One case featured a man with an attorney and his ex-wife representing herself. The judge… Read more →

Three Perfect Days

  It began on a sultry, quiet morning, with fishermen at the river catching slick bass in the slanting sunrise light. Three days of hugs and I love you, of walking hand in hand, of exploring and lounging on a hotel bed, of swimming boisterously and calmly both in the hotel pool, of dipping fingers in the cold dawn waters of… Read more →

Thank You for Listening

I was just trying to make an appointment for my son. I called the logical number, the one the doctor gave for a referral. They told me to call another number. So I did. At the second number, they took loads of information – the prescription number, my insurance information, my son’s info, and mine. They asked what days and times… Read more →

On a Saturday Morning

What is it like as the sun rises early and the world is quiet? The painter’s palette of a morning sky, in pinks and purples and yellows, and the snow slumbers carefully under a dawning warm day. This winter has been unexpectedly warm, and my son has skied nonetheless. There was the flurry of excitement, buying what we need, preparing… Read more →