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Fly, Fly Away

It was almost immediate. The kids and I stepped inside the garage studio that is Detroit Flyhouse circus school, and the bickering, nasty attitudes and defensiveness of the day melted away. Completely gone. As if they had never been there in the first place. Except they had. This is the first summer since I’ve been a mother that I have… Read more →

Preparing to Fly

The therapist recommended that my children need to just feel joy. Pure, unadulterated joy. Have fun. Find ways to let go. So I organized a four-session private at Detroit Flyhouse, a circus school where we can take to the silks and the trapeze and let it all go. Heart-opening daring. We have lesson 2 this morning. Everyone is up earlier… Read more →

Sibling Love: Another Divorce Truth

When the Tsimhoni children were sent to juvenile detention for refusing to lunch with their father, the judge specified that they should be separated. Isolated away from one another. They’re already banished from their home and their parents. Now, they lose the only consistent support they have, one another. The other day, my eldest son commented about a troubling behavior of my… Read more →