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A Lion, A Witch & A Wardrobe: Our Family Trip to Stratford

The theater was spectacular, with regal spotless carpet beneath our feet and a glowing chandelier strung high above the main floor. On the stage, large screens and handmade sets alternated, with actors moving the evergreens and standing behind them rather than stage-hands designed to be invisible but quite easily seen. The lion, Aslan, representative of the son of God himself,… Read more →

What Do You Say?

So many years ago, when my grandfather was still alive, he brokered a peace between three of his sisters. There had been a decades-long feud, two sisters against a third. At family events, the host had to engineer table arrangements so the non-speaking siblings would not have to sit together. Finally, my grandfather had enough. All the family came to… Read more →

It Was a Beautiful Celebration

The Monday After… Melancholy and contentment in equal parts this morning, as I reflect on my beautiful daughter’s beautiful bat mitzvah weekend. Surrounded by loving family and friends from Friday afternoon until late yesterday, we were enveloped in the kind of community love that makes life worth living. My daughter did her part, demonstrating her mastery of Hebrew and Torah… Read more →