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Should I Stop Caring?

When I created my business messaging and public relations business in 2007, I was a single mother with three young children, the economy was in a tailspin, and I believed scrappy hard work would allow me to prevail. It did. I used my writing and communication skills to empower businesses and nonprofits to tell their story, to reach more customers,… Read more →

Too Cool for Yourself

We are obsessed… Hipsters pose in black-and-white formation, their funny grins and smirks trying too hard to look casual and thrilled with their work. Flannels abound, as does facial hair, and I’m looking at websites of companies that seem to be playhouses for the twenty something set looking to work in an environment that doesn’t feel like work. We are… Read more →

Planning My Life

The secret, she said, is about working less and not decreasing your income. Not filling the schedule. Not every single minute taken. And it’s not about making people happy. There is something in it for you, she said, some benefit of having every minute planned, of being too busy, of being crazy busy, of being so busy you just can’t… Read more →

As the Retreat Ends

The sky is white and long over the lake this morning, the gray-blue waters moving swiftly on their way as they always do. The air, scented in that familiar northern Michigan way, is calming, reassuring, fragrant with pine and rain and the goodness of the earth beneath my feet. I planned for months to host this retreat on Mackinac Island.… Read more →

Dining Etiquette

Fold your napkin into a triangle and fold the top over before laying it on your lap. Ladies, dab at your lipstick so you don’t leave a tacky lip mark on your water glass. Two glass of alcohol is more than enough for a business dinner. Last night, I sat in rapt attention as Dr. Linda Hagan and Cheryl Carr… Read more →