Driving Off The Horizon

Lynne Golodner (nee Cohn) had a goal of having her first book published by the time she was 30. So imagine her surprise when her master’s thesis, a manuscript of poetry written during her MFA in Writing program at Goddard College, was accepted for publication by IM Press in Takoma Park, Maryland. This book, Driving Off the Horizon, are poems of a twentysomething yearning for purpose and direction, for love and life, and share the fears, desires, concerns, and celebrations of all of us as we set out on a path toward independence.

Baltimore Jewish Times, July 1997
Lynne Cohn is still inspired while driving. But these days, having come of age, she now considers safety and pulls over to the side of the road to wax poetic

Chiron Review, April 1997
With HORIZON, Lynne Cohn has made a much-deserved foothold in the world of letters. The book also acts as a forecast of a force in poetry to be reckoned with in the future