Month: April 2016

Yogurt Parfait

In the early morning, I layer yogurt, berries, granola and honey into a glass mug for my little guy. It’s his breakfast on the sixth day of Passover, when meager offerings beckon from our refrigerator and the idea of food has lost its novelty. This holiday tries everyone’s patience, and we wonder why we yearn for simple things like pasta… Read more →

Are You Happier?

This morning, I stepped into the Dunkin’ Donuts two miles from my home, the one with kosher certification on the corner in the religious neighborhood, and waited in line to order my daughter a bagel breakfast sandwich. The refrigerator is nearly empty. All bread, bagels and other leavened foods are gone from our house, eaten up or thrown away. Tonight… Read more →

Story Vs. Law

What is the interplay between story and law? The anecdote and scene, the strict ladder of if then, what? Now, people are arguing over beans and rice, whether to eat them or not on Passover. It’s just the Conservative Jews, those who care about law but believe we have the right and the wisdom to interpret it. The Orthodox, in… Read more →


My husband never sets an alarm to wake him for the work day, and somehow he gets up with enough time to spare. Me, on the other hand, I lift out of bed with a start, once my alarm beckons. I can’t leave it to chance, worried I won’t wake in time. Dan never worries. He simply lets life unfold,… Read more →