Year: 2015

Too Cool for Yourself

We are obsessed… Hipsters pose in black-and-white formation, their funny grins and smirks trying too hard to look casual and thrilled with their work. Flannels abound, as does facial hair, and I’m looking at websites of companies that seem to be playhouses for the twenty something set looking to work in an environment that doesn’t feel like work. We are… Read more →

Defining “Safe”

Tell people you’re traveling to Israel, and you hear breath suck in, heartbeats skip, and then these words: is it safe? The relentless media with their depiction of terrorist attacks, stabbings, car-rammings, bus-bombings and kidnappings, and it’s no wonder people envision the Holy Land as a veritable front line of religious battle. It’s nothing like that. Yes, there are attacks,… Read more →

Going Home

On the ground under the striking Middle Eastern sun, I was ready to stay. To buy property in Israel’s north and settle in to picking orange and limes and grapefruits from trees in my yard and wiping the floors with the squeegee that is eponymous in Israel. To eat creamy yogurt and cheese for breakfast, and say slicha instead of… Read more →