Year: 2014

The Power of Travel

I’ve circled the globe this year. Two weeks in India, a week in Israel, a week at the beach, a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’ve been back to San Diego (five times in three years), and I’ve jaunted to Sedona, Maine, Florida for long weekends. There’s nothing like getting away to make you appreciate your life. And there’s nothing like… Read more →

Storytelling Makes the World Go Round

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.” ~ Hopi proverb If you think about it, everything we do depends on storytelling. How we make friends, build relationships, add new clients. How we deepen our existing relationships, how we tell the world we exist. This weekend, two of my children hosted holiday parties for friends. After, they recounted the stories that… Read more →

Parenting Tweens

Yesterday, 10 6th-grade girls filled my house to make holiday cookies, decorate them with frosting and colorful edible beads and sprinkles, watch a movie and eat pizza. The volume level rose, with high-pitched squeals and giggles, and the energy increased, girls sliding across the floors in exclamatory glee. Today, it’s 8 7th-graders, 3 girls and 5 boys, and there is a… Read more →