Year: 2012

Right To Work

I am so troubled by the legislation going through here in Michigan. Right to work? Who says? Not to mention that the language is misleading. Here is another example of money and loud voices taking over. It’s not about doing what’s right (ironic that the word RIGHT is first in this discussion…). It’s about winning and speaking louder and trampling… Read more →

What’s It All For?

“A confident people is not exclusive. A great religion affirms other religions. A great culture affirms other cultures. A great nation affirms other nations. A great individual affirms other individuals, validates the being-ness of others and the vitality.” — Leonard Cohen Work is going well these days. We’re busy, we’re succeeding, getting media exposure for our clients, and gaining new… Read more →

Baking Bread

Over Thanksgiving, I bought a book called the Homemade Pantry, which details how you can make your own butter, cream cheese, bread, granola, you name it. 101 foods you can stop buying and start making. If you want to put in the effort. We already had decided that we were going to start making bread so we didn’t have to… Read more →