Year: 2012

Work That Matters: Herb Alpert and Stan Getz (or: Is your work your art?)

You know the feeling when you do something you love – eyes closed, lost in thought, no worries, no little professor on your shoulder critiquing how you’re doing it, no looking at the clock, wishing away the day. It just flows. Everyone has an art – whether it’s gardening or painting or writing or the art of accounting – whatever… Read more →

No Love in Their Hearts

Some months ago, I was at the kitchen table with my kids and my lovely babes kept uttering such profound messages, I felt it was God speaking through them right then and there. That’s the thing with kids: no filter, no preconceptions, no bitterness, so they see incredibly clearly.  Eliana’s brilliance: “I believe our life is a chapter book and… Read more →

Work That Matters: Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

“Knowing that someone loves you is a treasure,” said Sylvia, a demure, sweet 15-year-old girl desperate for a “forever family.” “It is the world.” Sylvia lives with an elderly, ill grandmother and just learned yesterday that she can never see her father again. “When you have someone love you, it’s just fantastic,” said Ryan, a quiet 14-year-old whose mother died… Read more →