Year: 2010

Finishing to Start

This morning, I completed my first read-through of Governing Business & Relationships, the new book by Swami Parthasarathy which purports to teach people how to succeed in managing relationships at work and elsewhere. It’s a book based on the principles of the ancient Vedanta philosophy and it’s as wise and guiding as Swamiji’s other books that I’ve read thus far.… Read more →

Chill Out

“Everyone has a distinct role to play in this world. So have you. None is big or small. Important or unimportant. Learn to accept yourself as you are, a part of the whole. Live by it. You will then be free from the menace of complexes.” — A. Parthasarathy, Governing Business & Relationships This should be the first rule taught… Read more →

Everybody Acts Out in Some Way

When you force silence, someone blogs. When you insist upon rigid observance, someone cheats on taxes, cheats on wife, beats wife, beats children. Frequents Internet porn. Hires a hooker. Scrutinizing an exterior can lead to piercings, fishnets, red lipstick and tattoos. Talk about someone and they’ll never tell you a secret. Blast their business across the wire and you’ve lost a… Read more →