Year: 2010


It’s that time of year, to take stock, look back, look ahead and have the most compassion and gratitude for everyone and everything around us. I’m taking 12 days off from work (well mostly, yes, I’ve ducked into the office a bit each day, damn it!) to sleep when I’m tired, rise when I’m awake, set the alarm to see… Read more →

If they do that in public…what goes on behind closed doors?

Last night, Eliana and I had a date at Creative Arts Studio in Royal Oak – painting pottery and making mosaics. My lovely daughter and I found space side-by-side at a broad wood table, selected our colors and spent nearly two hours creating art out of pieces. We talked. She told me about the travails of little girls navigating social… Read more →


Well I haven’t written much lately. Been living life instead. And yet, as a writer since I was old enough to hold the pen, not writing seems like I’m not breathing. That’s what happens when you get busy in business. You forget to breathe. You forget to do what you do automatically, what drives you, the way your body takes… Read more →


Of the people, for the people, by the people. We are a free society in which our tax dollars go to support public services and those public services are for the┬ábenefit of the community. Like public schools. I am fortunate to be part of a timely and powerful program next month called Technically Speaking. It’s an effort by the David… Read more →

The World Around Me…Or Is It What’s Inside?

I remember having a conversation when I was married about whether it was appropriate according to the dictates of Orthodox Judaism for my then-husband, a gloriously talented singer, to orate a Christian wedding, in a church. Or a non-Orthodox wedding ceremony. Would it be in violation of Jewish Law? The rabbi that he asked to interpret the law for him… Read more →


When everything comes from a spirit of giving – love, kindness, from the heart – life is good. Life flows. Prosperity flows. Happiness emanates, the fringes of peace. When it’s all take-take-take, or nothing-is-ever-enough, happiness cowers in a shadowy corner, afraid to come out. Last night, we had dinner at Le George in Northville, a charming restaurant in the heart… Read more →