Year: 2009


The email read that all leafy greens are infested with bugs and bugs are not kosher so other greens should be eaten. Don’t even try the leaf ones because you’ll fail. Because they all must have bugs. Because it no longer applies to wash and check the leaves and if you see a bug, get rid of it in the… Read more →

Bad Energy

Last night, women gathered in the beautiful Maria’s Bridal Couture boutique for an evening of introductions, of networking, of kind interaction. Carol Kirkland of AVE Office Supplies spoke about the importance of relationships in business. There was wine and shrimp and homemade mini-muffins with olive and feta cheese. Samira made three desserts by hand. And a feeling of pervasive warmth and… Read more →

The Edge

Hello old friend, where have you been? I’ve been combing the nights late to find more time to breathe. And then the morning begins before dawn. Circling back unto itself, tether of warm air and the promise of a new day. I couldn’t help it. I was a cog in a cycle, stuck going round and round until someone other… Read more →


When he was alive, they wondered sometimes who would turn out for his funeral. Did he have friends? He didn’t seem to be social but then, you never could know whom your father held dear. And then he passed. It was a long week of agony and wonder, and when it happened in the early morning of a Monday in… Read more →