Year: 2008


This morning, I awoke at 5:30 a.m., contemplating the day to come. I showered, dressed in a suit I bought in New York before my wedding in 2000, and mixed 2% milk into a cup of Elite coffee. I’d made the kids’ lunches the night before and arranged for another mother to drive them to school. My babysitter arrived, and… Read more →


Today began with purple-gray clouds and cool breezes that smelled of rain. I met a friend to walk along a tree-covered dirt road, perfumed with the scent of spring blooming. There is an edge to the air today but it’s a rounded edge, one that doesn’t cause me to shrink back, but rather to pull it close. Yesterday, I walked… Read more →

The Good Tower is Taller than the Evil Side

The night before, she couldn’t sleep. She wanted to, but the thoughts churned inside her like laundry on high. She turned in the pitch-black and the sheets twisted around her until, somewhere after midnight, the baby appeared silhouetted in the doorway calling Mommy… Come here, she said, waving him toward the bed then pulling him up. Sleep here, she said, beside… Read more →