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A Very Jewish Christmas

My grandfather used to sit in front of the TV on Christmas Eve, watching Midnight Mass in Rome, the Pope orchestrating one of the holiest services of the church year. My first-generation American grandfather, whose parents were cousins from a shtetl in Poland, who just a few hours later would rise to start a new day, wrapping tefillin around his arm and… Read more →

Parenting Tweens

Yesterday, 10 6th-grade girls filled my house to make holiday cookies, decorate them with frosting and colorful edible beads and sprinkles, watch a movie and eat pizza. The volume level rose, with high-pitched squeals and giggles, and the energy increased, girls sliding across the floors in exclamatory glee. Today, it’s 8 7th-graders, 3 girls and 5 boys, and there is a… Read more →

Good Morning, San Diego

We must nourish the body and also the soul. That’s what Shabbat is for, to nourish the soul. – Rabbi Meltzer, Ohr Shalom Synagogue, San Diego People streamed into night-dark Balboa Park for Holiday Lights, twinkling strings of festive lights decorating the view from ground to sky. Museums opened their doors. Vendors offered food and trinkets. Children sang on platform… Read more →