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Looking for a guest speaker for your next event? 

invite lynne golodner who will use the power of relationships, storytelling and higher purpose to build business and purpose in life

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Lynne Golodner is an expert in public relations, social media and business development, speaking widely on the power of relationships, storytelling and higher purpose to build business, passion and purpose in life, and how to gather the courage to do what you love every day.

Her enriching, captivating presentation include a straight talk, Q&A, and interactive workshops to engage her audience and put words into action.

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Lynne Golodner is an award-winning speaker, blogger, author and entrepreneur. For decades, Lynne has been telling stories of purpose, passion, and potential, and guiding others to do the same. She has eight published books, thousands of published articles and has been running a successful public relations company since 2007. Lynne has recently started a new non-profit that brings teens together from different races, faiths and socioeconomic origins together in writing workshops where they explore the commonalities that all humans have.

Lynne Golodner

Founder of  Your People and One Earth Writing

Why hire a public speaker?


Inspiration and Drive

The business world is constantly changing, and in order for a business to remain successful they must adapt and understand their audience. A big reason to hire a public speaker is to help bring a fresh perspective to your employees that will inspire and introduce new ideas. A public speaker may provide inspiration from their own life experiences, relating that to the employees and the company's goals.



Team Building and Connection

When you host an event, you're hosting the event to bring everyone together. This can enforce a healthier, more dynamic and cohesive workplace.  Powerful communicators can help connect you with diverse audiences by investigating the company's strengths and weaknesses, and modifies the solutions to the organization's needs.




Where the business community excels is in its story of possibilities. Using consistent storytelling and language can expand relationships with the target audience and expand reach of the company's mission in interactions, conversations, and activities. 


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