Upholding Freedom – On Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

Thank God some people in this country have sense.

I am THRILLED that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld President Barack Obama’s health care reform today in a landmark ruling. This is not about abortion and it’s not about birth control and it’s not about controlling what a woman does with her body. In fact, I’m not sure how this conversation got so out-of-hand judgmental.

When did electing leaders become a religious issue? Who mistook leading for preaching, a platform for a pulpit?

I don’t usually throw my voice into the political arena, but I can’t stay silent any longer. There is inspired leadership and there is bullying and today, I see way more of the latter than the former.

Here’s how you lead: do what is right for you, live with integrity, build a life of meaning and purpose, and others will be inspired and follow along. That’s all. It’s simple, really, and does not need anyone else to validate or approve. Trust your own conscience – time and again, this uproarious arena focuses on what others do, on controlling the masses, on saving our damned souls, when no one can do that for you. You have to do it yourself.

This victory for President Obama is a victory for lovers of freedom and equality. For 13 years, I paid at least $500 a month for health insurance that didn’t cover everything. Thank God I never had a calamity, and my three pregnancies were covered.

What if you don’t have employer-covered health coverage? What if tragedy befalls you? We are a nation with bad habits and strange vices, a nation of people who indulge our worst temptations and don’t understand what it means to be healthy.

And we are paying that very high price of indulgence. Kudos to a government who has the foresight to look out for those most oppressed among us, to help those who cannot help themselves.

And it’s not about abortion. It’s not about contraception. Who gives a s**t whether insurance covers these items? You don’t have to engage in either one; both are personal choices for the private arena and no one else’s business. In fact, shame on the outspoken arrogants who believe they are holier-than-the-rest-of-us enough to say health care should be denied on the basis of these personal private choices. Apples and oysters.

Was I asked for my opinion on religious righters who have umpteen kids? Was I asked to bless the decision to silence and sequester women in religious communities? I don’t agree but it’s their lives to live – not mine. Please respect my rights in return.

I don’t need saving. I’m perfectly fine with the options in front of me and I can live with my choices. After all, in eternity it is me and me alone who has to commune with my Self. Let’s eliminate the inappropriate from the political conversation once and for all and get back to business at hand: helping people live better, fuller lives with all the information and none of the rhetoric.

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  1. June 28, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    When you have automobile insurance on your car and it breaks down unrelated to an accident, you don’t expect your insurance company to pay the mechanic to fix it. If an accident disabled or damaged your vehicle, depending on what state you live in, you may share in some of that repair expense. Many factors go into how much insurance premiums you pay for your vehicle: Independent accident and safety ratings, car age, mileage driven, driver age, driving history, etc. Various measurable statistics allow for a risk factor and derive the premium you pay at benefit levels you choose with caveats and exclusions. Insurance companies offer these policies, deal with compliance of the varying laws of the 50 states and hopefully turn a profit if their calculations were right.

    Socialized medicine mandates broad based insurance on our bodies with none of the factors, limitations, nor exclusions allowed for in the heavily regulated automobile insurance agency. Health insurance is nothing like automobile insurance. It’s not a matter of if you get sick and paying appropriate premiums based on causation factors, but when you will get sick. Broad based health insurance as we know it is a pyramid scheme, just like social security. On average, all things being the same, the older you are, the more expensive you will be. The industry thus runs a system of income redistribution – benefiting high-risk groups at the expense of low-risk groups. Heath insurance as we know it, and even more certainly as passed, is a fraud. It is unsustainable because it isn’t really insurance, and just like government run Medicare, will see its costs rise exponentially in short order.

    • Lynne Meredith Golodner (formerly Schreiber)
      June 29, 2012 at 10:28 am

      You obviously feel passionate about this, Cory. This post was meant to focus on the idiocy of the conversations going on among mostly male politicians, regarding legislating women’s bodies and what we do with them, confusing the conversation of universal health care entirely. We DO need to care for our citizens and get this country on the road to being healthy. But more than that, the idiots in office need to stop yapping about controlling others.

      • July 3, 2012 at 7:42 pm

        Of course Lynne! But don’t you see the irony in what you have stated? You find freedom in the government mandating health insurance because you’re upset about legislative fiat regarding women’s bodies.

        I agree with you. The government has no business telling women what to do with their bodies, just like the government has no business putting a gun to my head an taking my wallet.

        If you empower the government to control healthcare, you empower the government to control your body. You can’t expect to leave one alone while you allow it to control the other.

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