A Lesson on Inspired Leadership: LSSM CEO Mark Stutrud Departs


Outgoing LSSM CEO Mark Stutrud (second from right) with LSSM Board Chair Kathy Lieder (far left) and LIRS President/CEO Linda Hartke (far right)

Outgoing LSSM CEO Mark Stutrud (second from right) with LSSM Board Chair Kathy Lieder (far left) and LIRS President/CEO Linda Hartke (far right)

Today I had lunch under a tent in the parking lot outside Lutheran Social Services of Michigan. The occasion: a fond farewell to LSSM CEO Mark Stutrud, who leaves to become CEO of LSS Illinois after this month.

Hundreds of people converged from places near and far, all with fond memories of this man who has not only been a fearless leader of an amazing organization that provides care and nurturing for every individual in its path, but he has been a friend, mentor and inspiration as well.

In my two and a half years working with this wonderful organization, I have loved my interactions with Mark. His brilliance and intellect made for conversations where I learned, pondered and expanded my perspective. I’ve written speeches and articles for him, based on lofty ideals that he has made into reality.photodune-5244893-leadership-s-580x400

LSSM logo blueLSSM logo blueAnd he leaves after a decade-long tenure during which he expanded the non-profit immeasurably – under his leadership, LSSM has grown its foundation from $3.5 million to $13.5 million, its organizational budget from $73 million to $109 million, all attributed to expansion in senior living services, the addition of continuing care units and affordable housing units and the acquisitions of home care, home health and therapies companies.

But that’s not why I’m writing about him here.

Doing-Gods-workToday, I saw the true connection that happens under good leadership. There were tears among people close to Mark, who have been inspired by him and grown under his guidance.

And I listened to speech after speech by people of faith about how Mark truly does “God’s work,” and lives his faith each and every day.

We are truly living in a new age. Today, it is acceptable and even admirable to say in public, loud and clear, for all to hear, that the work you do is guided by God, inspired by above. Bishop John Schleicher, bishop emeritus of the Northwest Synod in Michigan’s Lutheran community, described Mark as akin to a “porous pot” like a shard he brought from Honduras. These clay pots, with their careful construction and lining, filter the toxic waters of that nation so that people can drink it safely.

6TPU_Pure_waterHe said Mark “filters out the toxic words from the world” and produces “pure water that gives life for so many people.”

You understand the metaphor.

I sat beside interim CEO, Vickie Thompson-Sandy, my friend and colleague, who is equally inspiring and inspired. We talked about our children and the travails of parenting and then we talked about the web of individuals seated around and among us, who are so driven to make the world a better place.

I have to say, I love my work.

make the worldI help wonderful people put their incredible thoughts and visions into messages that speak to the masses. Through the work that I do, I get to meet incredible people who are truly changing the world. And a part of me believes that the work that I do helps them get there, even a little bit.

We should all do work that inspires us and that brings inspiration to others. We should all engage in work that makes the world a better place.

It was Kahlil Gibran who said, “Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy.”

Mark Stutrud, receiving a farewell gift from Pewabic pottery

Mark Stutrud, receiving a farewell gift from Pewabic pottery

To do work with joy, to put your whole heart into the task at hand, to know that the world is better for your efforts and your presence, that is the lesson.

Thank you, Mark, for your inspiration. And thank you, God, for allowing me, gifting me, work that continues to inspire me and helps the world become a place of peace.

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Storytelling Heals the Soul

My whole life, I have loved to write. Tell me how I can devote my days to putting the words on a page and healing people's souls with my stories.

My whole life, I have loved to write. Tell me how I can devote my days to putting the words on a page and healing people’s souls with my stories.

When it comes from the heart, the heart comes with it. Words on a page, the dip and hobble of a lifetime of stories never told. Coming to peace with our pasts, with the people driving us, for better and for worse, and the words form the stories into crystalline wishes carried off on the wings of clouds, lightening our load.

Last night was the first of a six-session writers workshop I’m hosting this fall, and it was a fabulous gathering. Birch logs crisped in my fireplace while we passed stapled packets around the living room. A food essay. The beginning of a book about a narcissistic mother. A memoiristic essay about tragic moments that built a life. The mellifluous prose of a family grappling with a late mother’s Alzheimer’s. A blog post with equal parts humor and self-deprecation.

wordstolife writing power eating disorder journeytolifeBravery, all. To put one’s feelings on a page and share them with others is perhaps the bravest work there is. To dare to speak aloud what harbors in your heart.

We all have skeletons in our pasts. Some are long and gangly, bones bumping in the dark. Some are tiny and seemingly insignificant – but to each person, those hidden secrets, the details that directed us on perilous turns, they are huge.

We give voice to the ills of this life, and it frees us. There is really no need to carry around the heavy, bulky baggage of the past. It is so over. So way back there. Why drag it into the now?

writingAnd so we gathered, eager writers with important voices, preparing to launch their words into the world to help others, and to free their souls. It was lovely. It was warm. Reassuring. A quilt of talent and voice in a safe space to become who we are meant to be.

I love teaching writers who want to write. I’ve taught college English and children’s writing and adult ed and more. Each class was a gem in its own right, but truly, the adults who choose to write and to immerse in learning how to write better and more are the best students. They want to be there.

CBD - Green Apple Books & Music story writing workshopYesterday, I had my first Hebrew tutoring session. I learned Hebrew as a child and I can read it well enough, but for my forthcoming trip to Israel, my first in seven years, I want to be able to speak a bit, to get by without reverting to English, as we Americans do the world over.

My tutor reviewed verb conjugations and pronouns, the gender of the language. I asked for homework. I said I would do better with practice. Eager, devoted, I wanted to be there.

We make the best students when we choose to learn. What better situation to truly take the lesson inside yourself and be changed for the better?

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Season of Repentance

Hiding me in His shrine, safe from peril, God will shelter me beyond the reach of disaster, and raise my head high above my enemies.” ~ Psalm 27, The Psalm for the Season of Repentance

rosh_hashanahIn a little more than a week, Jews around the world will converge on synagogues in their holiday finest for some of the most serious services of the year. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, looms closer, and many of my friends are making brisket and chicken, chicken soup and matzoh balls, challahs and dishes symbolizing all of the things we wish for in a new beginning:

mosaic4b95da748e60faa874bab6b251b46df48f835ec0* carrots so that our vision should be precise and clear

* fish heads so that we favor the head rather than the tail

* pomegranate seeds so that we remember how many commandments are in our sacred text (613, allegedly the number of seeds in a pomegranate)

* challahs that are round and with raisins, for a sweet new year, for the cycle of life, for coming round again, and continuing the circle

Challah and Honey* honey with apples, honey with challah, so that we should have a sweet new year

And we will hear the shofar blow, a ram’s horn whose call is guttural and heart-struck, a wake up call for us all, as a collective and as individuals.

Many people think of this time of year as the time when God decides who shall live and who shall die. That’s not really how it goes, though. I’ve been studying with my rabbis, Rabbi Rachel Shere and Rabbi Aaron Bergman, and in our last session, we reviewed the psalm quoted above, to understand what we’re supposed to do at this dawning of a new year, and how we are to interpret the ancient texts.

Those enemies referenced above? It’s a reminder to not become like those we oppose, to not make decisions based on fear.

heart-be-the-guide-rumiHow many times a day does fear stall you on your path? Prevent you from taking a big leap forward, or the risk that might make your career, and your life? How often do we cower in corners rather than venture out to discover new horizons that may just hold secrets and truths in their landscapes?

I look at this time of year as the time to choose again, or choose anew, how we want to live. It’s not about a punishing God looking down on us with a wagging finger. It’s about taking ownership of the life we’re living, and not making excuses any longer.

11841324_sChange1It’s about taking stock of ourselves, noticing whether we are rewarding ourselves or punishing ourselves, whether we are living to the fullest of our potential and ability.

These are hard questions. People feel so anonymous in the world. If you look around us, we are in a landscape populated by super-stores and faceless, soulless chain businesses. And the result, as the economy has shrunk, is that in my hometown we find shopping strips and big-boxes standing vacant and gaping, no tenants to move in and take over such huge spaces.

I myself have found pleasure and encouragement in cutting back and simplifying. Eliminating the fat, so to speak. It’s a great time of year to do so. In an era when we often feel we don’t matter in the larger scheme of things, now is the time to take stock and find the ways in which we DO matter, for each of us does, supremely, importantly.

Baking-hands-POSTOver the next week, I challenge you to dig deep and figure out your unique gifts to the world. What were you born to do? How can you change the course of life? And if you’re not doing it now, do it. Just jump in.

By the way…I am working on a new book for next year, expanding on the Holy Breads book that came out in 2013. I will be adding a section on Sikh breads, a section on gluten-free holy breads from all traditions and faiths, and blessings on bread. Do you have something to contribute? I’d love to talk with you.

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The Magic of Downton Abbey

downton_abbey_poster4I’ve never been one to be so devoted to a TV show that I must drop everything and watch. In fact, I missed all the fervor on Facebook and elsewhere during the first four seasons of Downton Abbey.

But I was curious. So I downloaded the episodes to watch during my international travel last winter. And ended up hooked.

This past weekend, Dan and I have been cuddling up and watching all the episodes from the beginning. Again. And it’s like I was transported to another world, a better time.

There is something about the pre-World War I era – and the years that followed it, up until World War II – that offers a sense of magic and beauty of the world. The blush was off the rose with World War II and everything that came after, but there was still an air of innocence floating around the globe in the years before the Great War.

I love the costumes of Downton Abbey. Imagine if we could dress like that today!

I love the costumes of Downton Abbey. Imagine if we could dress like that today!

Downton-Abbey-Season-2-downton-abbey-31759388-2106-1503That is, I believe, the allure of Downton Abbey. The fifth season starts in the U.K. this coming Sunday, but not for us here in the U.S. until January. Bummer. I am so ready for the next plot lines, the continuation of story.

It’s like a good novel – a built-in vacation, a step out of your tangible world and all of its worries and ills and a step into someone else’s world. The journey of the voyeur is to coast along on the narrative and enjoy the dips and turns of the story.

Why can’t we do that in our own lives? We have highs and lows, we have emotional swells in both directions. And we take it like a punch to the gut.

Except none of it changes who we are at the core. The sudden sadness, the extreme happiness, a tender moment with my daughter, an argument between a teenager and a parent, none of it changes the core of our relationships or the trajectory of our lives. And yet we treat it as if that were the case.

We don’t do so when we are watching from the outside. We let the waves overtake us, as if that can shake the ultimate outcome of our lives. Or who we are.

I love the costumes of the time. The relationships – though many are methodical, not driven by love, but by status, money and reputation. Ultimately, as the seasons progress, romance does win out, and love.

The world changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes drastically in the other direction. And the running theme through it all is loyalty, depth and connection. The story of life.

MV5BMTY4NTMwNDYzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjY1NzQxMTE@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_AL_There is a magic to this series that does not exist in most of the television selections available. So much is silly, surface. Not Downton. And not many of the PBS shows for our choosing. (I am partial to Mr. Selfridge, too.)

We can choose the influences around us, including our TV and books. We can choose to dabble in the stupid or dwell in the lofty. In everything we do. I feel so much better when I choose higher-grade stuff.

When I look at the world around us today, I fall into utter disbelief at the cruelty and ongoing conflict that pervades our globe. Forgive me for wanting to dip out of it for a while and linger in the illusion of story. It’s a saving grace, a promise of resolution.

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It’s the New Friends that Surprise You

Two-Friend-Celebrate-Friendship-Day-Together-Sometimes we think the people we are friends with early in life must stay our friends throughout. Silly thinking. As we change and grow, why wouldn’t we shed old friendships that no longer serve us in exchange for new friendships that meet our needs?

Yesterday I had lunch with a relatively new friend, and at the end of our meal, bill paid, dishes cleared away, new patrons moving into the tables around us as the turnover happened, I told her how much I enjoy our friendship, how grateful I am to know her.

friendship013It may sound gushy, but we only have this moment to make a difference. I wanted to share with her a positive feeling so she knows how special she is. At least to me.

We all need that. We need to know we matter, that people love us, that our presence uplifts others. What is life if not that connection and depth?

Truth be told, I never want to go out and keep the plans I make. I always have a feeling of I’d rather stay home, snuggled into my blanket from India and my cozy home. It’s the introvert in me (yes there is one).

friendship-day-greetings-2014Once I go, however, I am so glad I did. It happened Friday, after breakfast with an old, old friend renewed in recent years as our lines of work coincided. I was overcome with gratitude for being his friend and he mine, and my whole day was lifted because it began with our breakfast of connection.

So too my Saturday lunch. Cheese blintzes topped with fresh strawberry slices and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. We drank more coffee than we realized. The lights were bright, in the restaurant and through the windows. The hum of other conversations was a steady backdrop for our conversation, which ran the gamut between work and parenting and family and self-actualization. A friendship of depth, a friendship of meaning.

let-go-2Have you ever looked at the relationships you keep? I mean, really looked at them? Are they worth holding onto? Or are there some that no longer serve you?

Because there is no shame in letting go.

Once we let go, we open up space for new to arrive. For better. For now.

I used to think there was something wrong with me if a friendship ended. Years ago, I learned that was far from the truth. Friendships ending signifies personal growth. You’ve finished the karmic contract. It’s time to move on.

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” ~ Khalil Gibran

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Move On

Life is short. Too short for being petty. Too short for holding onto grudges and ill will. Too short to worry about tomorrow.

So that person you hate? Turn it around. Look at them through a different lens. Are they insecure? Shy? Yearning? Compassion is the key.

Those restaurants you refuse to patronize – really? Is it worth it? The businesses you’ve boycotted, the people you turn away – why? Is the energy output equal to the immensity of whatever transgression you’re holding onto?

The thing about holding on is that it makes you sick. Frankly, it can kill you. The illnesses we experience – from allergies to cancer and beyond – have a direct connection to our emotional wellness. So take a good look inside. What are you holding onto? What rage has been deposited in your tissues? You may want to cleanse it out, for your own good.

When my kids bicker at each other, I remind them to have compassion. Look for the good, I often say. It’s there in everyone, in every situation. It’s important to take stands, to stand up for yourself and for Right. But it’s also important to let a moment go completely when it’s done and move on.

My father is a great example of this. Once a situation passes, he’s done with it. It’s like it never happened. He doesn’t hold grudges. And he’s the least stressed person I know.

What would that feel like? To let it all go and just know everything’s going to be alright? You can do it. I dare you.

There are people who don’t like me out there. I may have led them to those feelings or maybe I didn’t. Regardless, I love them for it. Thank you, I say, for freeing me from the illusion of whatever I thought we had. For letting me go so I can let you go. For setting me free to find the right people for my life.

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our well-being and our success. So choose carefully. Be wise. Be selective. Make choices rather than being backed into them out of guilt or obligation. So you don’t invite someone to the party. Oh well. They probably won’t invite you.

And it’s not the end of the world.

I’m a fan of honesty, through and through. I would like to live in a world where there’s no faking it, just brutal truth. I hate playing games. I don’t like having to pretend that I feel a way that I don’t. And I wish we didn’t have to.

Construct the world you want. You’re the one who has to inhabit your life, no one else. Make it a life worth living.

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Thursday Morning Post

289-dark-shadows-vicki-clockThe alarm rings and it’s still dark. We’re in that season already, and it came faster than we had anticipated. The night falls early, the night lingers long, the night envelops you in questions and darkness and wonder.

When the morning dawns, especially in my new house, there is pink and yellow on the horizon. Possibility behind the clouds. A sky lightening with hope and innocence, with inspiration.

But in the house, when I am the only one awake, it is reverently quiet. I make the kids’ lunches – what to put in them today that they will eat, what will they be happy to find when they unzip at the noisy lunch table, hungry and tired from shuffling through the morning’s subjects.

PLANETBOX+WITH+BAGEL+SNWCHA cut-up apple, a plastic bag of olives or cucumber slices, sandwiches or bagels, a bag of chips. Shoot, I forgot to bake cookies last night, but you can’t do everything, every day. I ran through curriculum night, the only one of three parents available to meet the teachers and hear about what my children will be learning this year. Arrived home sweating and exhausted, but triumphant with a sheath of papers from each teacher and a face to go with a name and a subject.

After making the lunches, I meditated on the rug with a single candle flickering in the still-dark dawn. Then I showered and dressed before waking the kids, all of whom would have preferred to snuggle deeper into the blankets and stay there for the day. We are one week into school and my children would rather stay home.

bordeomEven the little one. They have fun enough in school, and friends, but they would prefer to not be on the treadmill of our lives, leaving early, doing homework late, baseball games under the electric lights because the sun sets so early now.

It’s too much. It’s too fast. Where is the time to just sit and talk and notice how wonderful my family is, how poetic the moments?

We were running late of course and so I left without one child, to teach a lesson, and instantly regretted it. She was taking too long. But still. And so when I returned and picked her up and took her to school, the tears came in front of the building. I took her home. We snuggled on the couch for an hour plus, just to be there, just to be together. And I believe it was the most important part of my day and hers.

BLD071483I am not the mean mom. I am supposed to be teaching them routine and lessons and responsibility but all I want to do is savor the moments and look in their eyes and be with them until they necessarily leave.

Do you know what a gift this life is? What treasures these children? Society tells us we have the kids to send them off, but I refuse to buy it. I don’t want vacations here and weekends there. I want a life. Capital L.

It doesn’t have to be the way it is. We can buck the trends, change the system. Or simply change our own paths to match what our hearts are screaming for.

If we didn’t have industry, we wouldn’t have schools. If we didn’t have schools, we wouldn’t have bullying. If we didn’t have competition, we wouldn’t need to spend more than we have and end up in debt, taking it out on everyone around us.

We could live simply. Quietly. With just what we need. With the people we love. With friends who actually care and matter and share our beliefs and visions. It could be different.

I’ve digressed onto a soapbox when all I intended to do was wax poetic about my Thursday morning. Yesterday, I drove white-knuckled along a water-logged highway to get home in the storm. Some schools let out early in fear of another drowning city. It was just rain. We got wet. We survived it.

The day was, in fact, incredible. Despite the humidity and the slick roads, I spent hours with my publisher talking about the possibilities in my words. The ways I can inspire more people with story, in the books I will be producing in the coming year or two. Just wait. You’ll see. A good story can change your life.

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Are You in Conversation with God?

Conversations-with-GodDon’t shy away from this blog because there’s God in the title. I’m not a religious fanatic. I am a spiritual seeker on the path toward peace.

So this blog won’t preach at you or wag a finger in judgment. That’s not my job. My job here is to write words of inspiration that connect us all so that we can live a better life and make a better world.

MorningMeditationThis morning, my alarm went off at 3:25. I jumped out of bed and drove to Karma Yoga for sadhana, the 4 am prayer, yoga and meditation set that my friend Katherine Austin does every single day. I’ve done it a few times before, but truthfully, most days, I prefer the cozy cocoon of my bed and a more digestible awakening hour of 5 a.m. to begin my personal meditation here at home.

Why go to such lengths to start the day? I never thought I’d be up before the sun, reciting a mantra in my head. But now, I can’t imagine life without it.

anxiety-300x279I used to worry about money, have anxiety about work, stress out over schedules and running here there and everywhere. I couldn’t handle the highs and lows with ease. I can now.

I invited a friend to join me this morning, but of course the insanely early hour was the first big deterrent. Then she said, “It’s too much like religion.” Fair enough. Sadhana IS a form of religious worship – the Japji is Sikh prayers to start the day.

common_tables_logo_gold_123c__3__copy_pprfI don’t worry that I’m not Sikh and this could be a conflict with my Jewish persuasion because I believe we’re all the same. Prayers are prayers, the lilt and rhythm, even the translated meanings, all the same. The notion that we need to pray in order to draw closer to God and gain clarity of Right over Illusion is universal.

Many days I like to read a few pages from a book on Peace by the Swami in northern India whose ashram runs the annual International Yoga Festival. Here’s what I landed on today:

Peace comes through prayer. It doesn’t matter what name you use for God or what language you pray in…What matters is that the prayer is earnest, pure and heartfelt.”

He included a poem from Mother Teresa: The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is devotion. The fruit of devotion is service. The fruit of service is peace.

Do more for others and your life will be better. Take the selfless I out of the equation and work for the greater good. Try to change the world. Believe in and promote equality, justice and compassion. Do work that heals rather than work that steals.

spiritualThe older I get, the more spiritual I become. I’m not tied to any particular dogma and in fact, I rather recoil when someone gets in my face with “shoulds” and an insistence of one way as ultimate Truth and all other ways as hooey.

It’s just not what I believe. I believe in the idea that God resides in all of us, so there is something brilliant and wonderful and earth-changing in every single person. Even the heartbroken bullies. I don’t have to endure their wrath but I can have compassion for whatever it is that turned their heart away from kindness.

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Pictures of Feet – Vacation Selfies

Walk-as-if-you-areHave you noticed that the preferred vacation photos on social media channels are foot selfies? The person relaxing on a beach, on a lounge chair, in the clear waters of an inland lake, but all you see is their feet reflected in the bright sun that you clearly don’t have back home.

What a curious tradition! I’ve fallen prey to it myself. Just recently, as we skirted the northern shores of Lake Michigan along a two-lane road in the southern Upper Peninsula, my children waded into the clear waters of the cool lake and I snapped an iPhone pic of my bare feet beneath the surface of the water.

And, everyone’s feet look great in these photos – not a customary impression of feet for sure.

reflexology-chartDid you know, you can get a glimpse of your total health picture just by glancing at your feet? You can detect everything from diabetes to nutritional deficiencies from feet.

Some cultures say the feet are the window to the soul. And yet more than 70% of all people in the U.S. will have painful foot problems at some point in their lives. What does that say about our emotional wellness?

These are not my feet, but the destination looks wonderful.

These are not my feet, but the destination looks wonderful.

So what is this curious trend of snapping shots of our toes as a testament to our good fortune and relaxation far from home? Weary travelers, rest your feet. Take a load off. Kick back and destress.

When I was in Bali a few years ago, known for its massage and reflexology, I engaged in an hour-long session focusing on my feet and calves. That night, I awoke amid the torrential warm rains and felt like my legs had been beaten up. The massage therapist had unlocked and released all the stress and tension I’d held.

There was a chart showing how every point on the foot corresponds to a point somewhere else in the body. Massage there and you’ll relieve upper-body stress and pain.

We are engines of flow, with channels of energy that can get clogged. Think of how much pressure we routinely put on our two little feet way at the bottom of our stature. To take a load off, and record it for posterity, not such a bad thing.

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

biggest-is-not-always-bestIt took a year of pondering to realize that I didn’t want to grow my company BIG. I wanted to shrink it back to just what I can handle and hire freelancers to help.

It’s a huge decision and a drastic change. You see, when I started in business, making the transition from freelance writer to public relations specialist, I worked out of my home. When I needed help, I threw work toward freelance friends, but the projects ebbed and flowed.

After a few years, though, it became apparent that the client and work load were too much for me alone. I no longer wanted to work around the clock! So I hired part-timers and moved into an office.

That’s when everything changed. Yes, I still did the public relations work I so loved, but then I was also a Manager, capital M. Boss, big B.

Boss-Lady-1And I’m not sure I ever really signed up for the job.

Over the years, I’ve debated whether to hire full-timers or not, and my first decision was to go for it – expand the business, hire staff, be able to step away because it would all be in capable hands. Except the few full-timers I’ve attempted to hire just weren’t me. They weren’t cut out for the work. There was too much drama. And I wanted nothing to do with it.

Along the way, I began to focus more on managing than on the creative and fulfilling aspects of the work I loved. I began resenting the company – I didn’t want to have to show up at a certain time because people were there and the editing and checking and approval process became more encumbered than simply doing the work solo.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERALast week I was handed a supreme gift. My latest full-time employee realized the job was too much for her after just 5 weeks. Lack of maturity and job readiness added up to a panicked quit, followed by several apologetic emails. I know I was a good manager; the universe was sending me a message, loud and clear.

Do it yourself. Cut back. Simplify. Do what makes you happy. Enjoy the work. Enjoy your life.

So I’m following the big pointing finger in the sky. It’s the right direction. And I am back to really focusing on clients because the energy of managing is no longer there. I’m not divided in focus; I am eyes-ahead, clear and enthusiastic.

I’m reverting to my freelancer-hires for projects and assistance. That way, I know they’re capable and independent and driven without me having to crack a whip. They don’t want to be in my office – hallelujah!

Ego say Once everything falls into place I'll feel peace Spirit says Find your peace and then everything wil fall into placeIt’s miraculous when everything falls into place. I know there are clients who won’t hire me because I’m not big enough, and that is so fine. I have exactly the number I need and want, and I can do their work with ease and enthusiasm and satisfy their needs.

It’s about connecting to others, filling in the blanks, assisting in a meaningful way to grow their reach, authentically, organically, and with heart.

We live in a super-size era where we think bigger is always better. It’s become readily apparent that that’s not the truth. Just look around you, metro Detroit – see how many super-stores and gigantic strip malls stand vacant and decaying. Their big-box tenants moved out with the economic downturn and no one has moved in.

We’re facing a different time. A time of creating realistic parameters so we can achieve our goals. We can be happy, healthy and wealthy without becoming a multimillion dollar corporation. Believe it because it’s true.

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