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The Best Cup of Coffee

Great Lakes Coffee Roasters. Early on a spring morning. Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers. My son is getting braces right this very moment. I order the Guatemala pour over – which has hints of buttermilk, according to the chalk … Continue reading »

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Off the Beaten Path: My Favorite Place to Be

This morning, my son had toast for breakfast.  So what, you’re thinking. Who cares? Well I do, since he’s gluten intolerant and hasn’t had toast in six months. Or a regular sandwich. The bread feels, looks, tastes and smells like normal … Continue reading »

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The Leftover Chef

I’m adding that title to my business card. Seriously. It would make you think, wouldn’t it? Plus, it’s the person I like most being. In the literal sense, and in the metaphor, too. More specifically, yesterday my children stayed home … Continue reading »

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Making Friends over Peach Cobbler

The white ceramic oval dish arrived to our table with steaming peaches covered in sweet crumble and topped with a veritable mountain of Ray’s vanilla ice cream. Rivers of melted ice cream ran through the crevices of the cracked crumble … Continue reading »

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After the Book Party

Last night was lovely – a packed chapel at Song & Spirit Institute for Peace in Berkley, Michigan, people enthusiastically paging through my new book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, and a general feeling of warmth and love from … Continue reading »

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Reflecting on Food & Faith

Thanks to Vivian Henoch, editor of My Jewish Detroit, for allowing me the opportunity to write this essay in the June edition. I’d like to share it with you here, though many of my faithful readers know bits and pieces … Continue reading »

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Back to Basics…in Food

When you make cottage cheese pancakes with eggs straight from the farm and raw milk, you end up with a glorious yellow color and flavor so full it almost pops in your mouth. That’s what happens when you get back … Continue reading »

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Get Off Your Butt

In today’s Detroit Free Press, a quick news brief mentions a British study that reveals in the 1950s, women were thinner and fitter because housework was harder. They didn’t sit in front of computers all day, and the car on … Continue reading »

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What Is Progress? Real vs. Processed

In the town of Ubud yesterday, my friend and I ordered an avocado juice in a local cafe. We sat on the plush couch, sipping the creamy green treat, delighted by the flavor and texture as if we had never … Continue reading »

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Eating Soup

The “all-purpose dish – nutritious, inexpensive, and infinitely variable,” soup is coming to Ferndale tomorrow night. That is, soup by or for Martha Bayne, author of the Soup & Bread Cookbook, which recently came out by Surrey Books. I received … Continue reading »

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