chef at work

Making Applesauce

Night was falling all around us in blues and dusks, as I chopped apples from our bounty picked last week at the orchard. Metallica played in the kitchen as Shaya and I chopped almost in unison on partner cutting boards, depositing the small pieces of apple in the pot. I shredded nutmeg over the cut apples, sprinkled in sugar, added… Read more →

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

They come out thin, almost like crepes, with a hint of sweetness so soothing, you don’t really need maple syrup to enhance them. My eldest son always asks for cottage cheese pancakes when it’s a special morning or I have the time to make them but today, it was my idea. Perhaps because I’m looking down the barrel of the… Read more →

The Grayling, Michigan farmers market. Nice people. Good food.

From Scratch

“This is made from scratch in a home kitchen with the best ingredients,” the woman told us. She was pointing to artful cupcakes in plastic containers with homemade labels stuck to the top. “I once looked at the ingredients of the same cupcake I bought in the store, and there were like 20 more ingredients than I need!” On the way… Read more →