Looking at Loyalty

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the silent code of friendship, of relationship. What are our unspoken expectations? Assumptions for reciprocity? When is one-sided ok, and when is it an affront? In my line of work, personal and professional merge almost seamlessly. Often, a client becomes a friend, or at least an acquaintance, and very often, I post on… Read more →


Parenting Religion

On the morning of my son’s bar mitzvah, I turned to a page in a favorite inspirational book and found this Khalil Gibran poem about children (see right). Your children are not your children/they are the sons and daughters/of Life’s longing for itself… Although I longed to become a mother, I never believed my children were mine. They are not my property nor… Read more →


Running Is Efficient

I don’t much like running, but I’m doing it. And I have to say, when I miss an early morning with the quiet dawn and gorgeous jewel-toned sunrise, my whole day lags. Yesterday at lunch with a friend, I heard the same phrase again: nobody likes running, but it’s incredibly efficient. Yes, that’s it. You burn calories and get your adrenaline… Read more →


Increments of Life

Cards, checks, gift cards are arriving each day for Asher, in advance of his bar mitzvah. Some are even numbers but there are those that come in increments of 18. To Jews, 18 is the number representing chai or life. It’s the numerical equivalent of wishing someone long life and happiness, and old customs die hard. I once heard a friend say… Read more →