A Dublin nightlife image. I remember my week in Ireland with Catherine as a freeing renewal from my twenty something life even though I didn't "need" the freeing that I may need now.

Renewal Leave

  I’ve been home for 36 hours and still feel like my soul is away. The children are back. The two weeks with their dad have come and gone. The trampoline is built in the backyard (my birthday gift), and as night fell like a cloak around us, the children jumped as if to reach the highest branch of the… Read more →

A small cairn-like stack of rocks on the shores of Lake Huron.

Seeking Silence

On the fourth day of a five-day writers retreat, the message all around me is to welcome the silence. Funny to hear that on a retreat that encourages finding your voice! But the real story, the story we haven’t yet been able to access, the one that is told from the depths of our soul and which will change the… Read more →

Swimmer in waterpool swim one of swimming style


In the night, the storms broke loud, crackling the sky, lighting up with lightning. It was loud enough to wake me in the dark and pull closer to my husband for warmth. Maybe the rain will continue into the morning, and swimming will be canceled, I wondered, drifting off again into sleep. But no. By 5:30 a.m., the cloud-filled sky was quiet… Read more →

My photo of the Mackinac Bridge from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last summer.

The Cleansing Waters

Remembering the cold, crystalline waves of Lake Superior. The lap of water against tile when I used to visit the ritual bath as an Orthodox wife. Oar into the depths, pull back, make progress, take the whole team a few feet deeper into the swift current of the Detroit River. I have always felt calmed, at peace, inspired around water.… Read more →