The Value of a Friend

When you’re planning a momentous lifecycle event, people get interesting. Long-time friends come out of the shadows, effusive and loving, excited to attend your event and truly share in the celebration. And similarly, there are those you thought were friends who stay mum. You don’t hear from them, they slink back into hiding, burrowing into their own fears and creating… Read more →

If you wrote the 10 Commandments, what would you write?

Today’s Golden Calf

My eldest son is two months from his bar mitzvah with us (two weeks from the one he’s doing with his father). He’s working with Rabbi Evon Yakar of Adventure Rabbi, an out-of-the-box outfit which really empowers families to make their Jewish observances unique, meaningful and very much their own. I was privy to one of their lessons over Skype… Read more →

The two women who saved Rene Lichtman - a neighbor in Paris who hid his mother (left) and his French mother (right) who hid him during the Holocaust.

Moral Courage

When you use your power to speak out against wrong, to stand up even when people don’t want you to, you make the world a better place. Silence doesn’t win wars. Silence doesn’t create a harmonious community. Silence kills. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “I can guarantee you this, the days when the Jewish people remained passive in the face of… Read more →


Do You Believe in God?

This Sunday morning is quiet and peaceful, birds chirping above the wintry landscape. As far as the eye can roam, the land is white. Single perfect snowflakes leisurely fall, in no rush for their destination. I took to the streets, walking alongside sleeping houses, inside of which people are secure in the fact that freedom protects. Nowhere around me do… Read more →