While Shavuot is technically a strictly agricultural holiday, we appropriated its meaning to become magnificent, about receiving the Torah at Sinai. We can infuse every day with meaning.

Between Heaven & Earth

“Our periods of greatest creativity came after our greatest suffering.” Those were words spoken yesterday during the gift of a private learning session with my rabbi, Aaron Bergman. It was part of a conversation about the fate of my people, the Jews, and Rabbi Bergman’s assertion was that we have not necessarily suffered more than others – but our ability to… Read more →

One of three incredible rooms in my former office

The Way of Life

It is so cathartic to throw things away. Old files, stacks of papers I never glanced at a second time, even books that are no longer of use. Yesterday, I filled the dumpster behind my office with everything I no longer needed and went home with a much lighter load. When I moved into an office three years ago, I… Read more →

My three precious children, on a perfect Shabbat hike, the first day of Passover 2015

Frogs on Our Hike

Over the crest of the hill, down a bushwhacked path through yellow, tall grasses swaying in the cool breeze of a gray day. We heard them as we descended toward the pond. In the distance, a house sat atop a far hill. To the right, woods. Hunting season over, we felt free to walk through this uncharted land, in search… Read more →

My seder table, ready for our guests tonight.

Holidays of Peace

  It takes 15 minutes after the eggs are whipped stiff, and after the sugar is added, for the sliced strawberries to incorporate into the velvety mixture that we know as my grandmother’s strawberry fluff. The mixer stood on the kitchen counter, whirring its motor as the attachment whisked in consecutive circles to whip this recipe into creation for tonight’s… Read more →