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Rising Sun

First day of master swim. Dawn arrived thick, warm already, hardly any breeze. The sky was grayish-blue. The lane lines formed, we entered the water wordlessly, pushed off from the edge of the pool to swim a length and back and again. By the end of the hour, the sun glowed diamond-brilliant, its rays glistening on the near horizon. Last… Read more →

The entrance to the Detroit Waldorf School

Why We Teach Music

  Late-day sun slanted into the high windows of the old school building. Detroit Waldorf. Indian Village. June 3, 2016. It was the third night of school programs, recitals, finishes, for my children. My husband, parents, and I sat on hard wooden folding seats in the auditorium as the third, fourth, fifth grades and then the middle-schoolers, walked in wearing… Read more →


Are You Happier?

This morning, I stepped into the Dunkin’ Donuts two miles from my home, the one with kosher certification on the corner in the religious neighborhood, and waited in line to order my daughter a bagel breakfast sandwich. The refrigerator is nearly empty. All bread, bagels and other leavened foods are gone from our house, eaten up or thrown away. Tonight… Read more →