half-full or half-empty?

The Art of Time

The little girl came to my last writers workshop at school and said she probably wouldn’t return to school the next year. She would go back to homeschooling. This year had been an experiment. “The best time to visit places is when no one is there,” she explained. “Whatever decision I make, I know I won’t be happy,” she added.… Read more →

Ten Commandments written on stone tablets in Hebrew

Ten Commandments

Today was the first time I heard the recitation of the Ten Commandments in synagogue. Or at least the first time I paid attention. We stand for this part of the Torah portion and then the reader chants one after the next, enumerating the 10 statements that God spoke at Sinai. We read this today, on the holiday of Shavuot,… Read more →

While Shavuot is technically a strictly agricultural holiday, we appropriated its meaning to become magnificent, about receiving the Torah at Sinai. We can infuse every day with meaning.

Between Heaven & Earth

“Our periods of greatest creativity came after our greatest suffering.” Those were words spoken yesterday during the gift of a private learning session with my rabbi, Aaron Bergman. It was part of a conversation about the fate of my people, the Jews, and Rabbi Bergman’s assertion was that we have not necessarily suffered more than others – but our ability to… Read more →