Shaya, exhilarated at the beach in July - summer frees your soul

As Summer Ends

Last night, before bed, Shaya reiterated his desire to be awakened by 8 today. “You’ll get up early, you’ll write a blog, and I want time when it’s just you and me,” said my 9-year-old. Yes. That simple. The others wanted a wake-up call at 8:30. Well, really, Eliana wanted her iPhone in her room to wake her on her… Read more →

Swimming in the Night

As the sky darkened into purples and grays, little streaks of brilliant orange strode through the clouds. The pool glistened in waves in the night. Lights from underneath and above gave it an ethereal quality, and there was a stunning, calming silence that I didn’t expect. I’ve been so in love with the sunrise that I didn’t stop to appreciate… Read more →

Water, Life Force

From ocean waves crashing against beach sand to Lake Michigan waves lapping against cool sand as the sun sets behind a far lighthouse. Water, water, everywhere. I can honestly say that if I had to pick a vacation destination, I would be ok with just about any place that includes magnificent water. There is something soothing, invigorating, hope-inducing, reassuring, encouraging… Read more →