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Snow Day, Extending Break

It wasn’t until I’d meditated, showered, dressed, made lunches and made coffee that I got the call from the school district, canceling. It’s ok. I had the quiet time to finish the cup of coffee while finishing a great book … Continue reading »

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Irony on the Soccer Field

The little boy had such fear of playing goalie that both of his parents beseeched us as coaches to keep him out of the goal and on the field. He’d been on the team for years already and eagerly running … Continue reading »

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Filling the Space We Have

Right now, my kids are trying to find the one library book that we couldn’t locate and which has generated at least $2 in late fees so far. I cracked the door to my daughter’s room only to find a … Continue reading »

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Dance Recitals

All year, I’ve shlepped the kids to dance classes two days a week amid more-than-occasional whines and complaints about I’m so tired, I have so much homework, do I really have to go to dance? So you can imagine how exciting … Continue reading »

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Mental health day for a 6-year-old?

This blog first appeared on the Detroit News website,, on MAY 3, 2013. Early one morning late last week, while the house was still quiet, my youngest son, Shaya, shuffled downstairs in a still-sleepy fog and climbed onto my … Continue reading »

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What It Means to Be a Leader

There is more skill in inspiring those who follow you to rise to their own greatness than to dictate what they can do to follow in your footsteps. The true definition of a leader is to build others up, not … Continue reading »

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Yesterday we began the spring yard clean-up, collecting garbage that squirrels rifled through and scattered around the lawn, and cutting through the tangle of overgrown weeds. I swear, some of those weeds are furious and scary. They grow, well, like … Continue reading »

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Pet Parents Same as Human Parents

Yesterday, an animal activist came to speak to my daughter’s class. She explained her approach to training her dogs and I realized, it is good advice for parents too. No negative reinforcement. No “bad dog” or yelling. No hitting, my … Continue reading »

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Running with my Girls

In the Saturday afternoon cool sunlight, my girls and I mostly walked, but also jogged, for two and a half miles yesterday. The idea was to get some exercise, some fresh air, some sunshine, and spend valuable moments together. Personally, … Continue reading »

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What to Wear

“Mommy! I don’t know what to wear today.” Someone yells this refrain nearly every morning, and I marvel at the lack of independence in simply pulling a shirt and a pant or skirt from a drawer. So easy, right? Is … Continue reading »

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