My little guy, Shaya, who will linger after the others have gone, but who will eventually build his own life, too

Time Flies

Night was coming on as Asher, Eliana and I leaned our bikes against a picnic table and my two oldest children ran off to play. The playground was for children far smaller and younger than they, but the urge to skip and jump, climb and frolic overtook them. Their smiles boundless, hair flying behind them caught up in the wind… Read more →

Bird's eye view of the mall a.k.a. our Saturday shopping spree

11,000 Steps

  Yesterday, I spent 10 hours at Michigan’s largest outlet mall. I am not joking. I am not exaggerating. I am exhausted. My girls and I planned to take it easily and steadily as we spent a day shopping for clothing for my eldest son’s upcoming bar mitzvah. The understanding was that we would meander through and into stores, stop… Read more →