Remember the Romance

The kids shuffled off the ice after skating lessons yesterday in a big crowd of eager faces. The teachers stepped off the ice one by one and as usual, everyone milled about, talking excitedly, reviewing the lesson, looking at next week. Suddenly, the door to the ice shut definitely and a love song struck up over the loud speakers. Loud.… Read more →


A Prudish Nation: Understanding Reactions to 50 Shades of Grey

With all the mad pontificating around 50 Shades of Grey the movie (not to discount the same standing-on-ceremony when the books came out more than three years ago), I am certain it belies a bigger conversation, one about sex. When I was 20 and touring Italy with a study-abroad journalism and drama program, I remember the reputation of American girls… Read more →


Snow Day

The entire world is still and silent, heaps of new snow piled before doors and windows. No cars drive to work this morning, no kids trudge to school. Just silence and peace, perfect stillness, crisp silence. My beloved hometown is under a foot of snow or more. People rest easily in their homes. Schools were canceled yesterday afternoon and before… Read more →


All You Need Is Love

I learned about love from a man in white cotton, with a wrinkled forehead and very little hair, who spent most of his life barefoot in a tropical climate. Love is not preferential attachment, he said. It is universal identification. When you can see yourself in another person, that is love. When they are you and you are them. It took me years… Read more →