Tender Is The Night

You’re my best friend, he whispered in the dark of the night, in those moments before we drifted off into compatible sleep. It was late and dark, the end to an intense weekend of doing, running, not being, and certainly not being together, and those words were all it took to melt me. Really? I whispered back. It was unpercedented, unprompted,… Read more →

I'm not saying things were easier way back when, but I do believe they were simpler. It might have been easier to focus priorities on what matters.

Do I Love Myself?

Cool late-summer air and overcast skies made it perfect yesterday to take the kids to Greenfield Village and stroll amongst the old-time houses, shops and playground. Eliana urged us to walk beside the pond. Shaya exclaimed over the ducks. At the far end of the field, I saw a Waltons-era barn, makeshift tent and a truck from the Depression. A cool… Read more →

Water lily

Kayaking with My Kids

Looking up at the tall pines, the clear sunlight glimmered on the pine needles, shimmering them like jewels. The sky was a vibrant crisp blue, and the water made the slightest sound as our paddles pulled through the glassy surface. My daughter exclaimed over the lily flowers along the river’s edges. The children insisted on pulling our kayaks into sandy… Read more →


Good Morning Hugs

He’s always the first one up, Shaya. His quiet footsteps against the wood floors signal his coming, and he shuffles to me, wherever I am downstairs, with deliberate focus, must find Mommy. Sometimes he comes with his blanket and favorite stuffed animal of the week, sometimes he comes empty-handed, always in pajamas, usually of the flannel variety. He walks up to… Read more →

Look at that incredible lowering sun last night, with a view of the Belle Isle Bridge. I simply love rowing.

Love & Rowing

Seats 3 and 4 – ROW! My husband’s strong shoulders and back leaned forward and I followed his lead, me in seat 3, he in seat 4, as we slid up on the seat, bent our knees, dipped the blade of the oar into the wavy Detroit River waters and pulled back in sync. Good, 3 and 4. Good rowing… Read more →