Missing Gigi

There she was, beaming her everlasting smile, as we put the finishing touches on the photo montage for Asher’s bar mitzvah next week: Gigi. Grandma Sheila. My lovely grandmother. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tradition of a montage slide show typically shown at a bar mitzvah party, it’s a compilation of photos and music representing the… Read more →


Asking Questions

I wrote questions on 3×5 cards, one for each person, and positioned them at each place setting. A way to deepen our understanding of this story we tell every year, a way to make it personal, to connect to our tradition here and now. The beauty of the Passover Seder is its focus on the questions. It’s not about having… Read more →


Remember the Romance

The kids shuffled off the ice after skating lessons yesterday in a big crowd of eager faces. The teachers stepped off the ice one by one and as usual, everyone milled about, talking excitedly, reviewing the lesson, looking at next week. Suddenly, the door to the ice shut definitely and a love song struck up over the loud speakers. Loud.… Read more →