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Christ in skies

Thank You for Listening

I was just trying to make an appointment for my son. I called the logical number, the one the doctor gave for a referral. They told me to call another number. So I did. At the second number, they took loads of information – the prescription number, my insurance information, my son’s info, and mine. They asked what days and times… Read more →


On a Saturday Morning

What is it like as the sun rises early and the world is quiet? The painter’s palette of a morning sky, in pinks and purples and yellows, and the snow slumbers carefully under a dawning warm day. This winter has been unexpectedly warm, and my son has skied nonetheless. There was the flurry of excitement, buying what we need, preparing… Read more →

Tender Is The Night

You’re my best friend, he whispered in the dark of the night, in those moments before we drifted off into compatible sleep. It was late and dark, the end to an intense weekend of doing, running, not being, and certainly not being together, and those words were all it took to melt me. Really? I whispered back. It was unpercedented, unprompted,… Read more →