Month: March 2013

Leading the Seder

The very act of retelling the Passover story, says Rabbi Evon Yakar, is what makes us Jewish. The Hebrew word for tradition, or mesorah, comes from the Hebrew root word for communication, limsor. The very act of telling the Passover story is what makes us Jewish, he writes in his Haggadah (one of the many on our table last night). We could eat… Read more →

Passover 2013: Eliminating, and Sharing, Bread

On this eve of Passover, I wrote this column below for I’ve included an excerpt here and a link to the full piece. Enjoy.   THIS PASSOVER comes at such an interesting time. Just days before my new book about bread debuts, I am emptying my cupboards of anything leavened. This year, as my collaborative book The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads,… Read more →

Running with my Girls

In the Saturday afternoon cool sunlight, my girls and I mostly walked, but also jogged, for two and a half miles yesterday. The idea was to get some exercise, some fresh air, some sunshine, and spend valuable moments together. Personally, I am contemplating doing a 5K with a couple of friends. And, upon seeing other friends post pictures on social… Read more →