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Good Friday: Taize in Ireland

The lights were low. Candles flickered around the perimeter of the sanctuary. Soothing music ran like a river of a background. Nineteen years ago today, I was in Dublin, Ireland, celebrating Easter with my dear friend Catherine and her family. … Continue reading »

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Climate Change as Part of Science Curriculum

Apparently, there are new standards in the works for teaching science to children in grades K-12, and the controversial part is that they include climate change as part of the curriculum. I listened to a report on NPR yesterday, and … Continue reading »

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Can You Buy Happiness?

According to several recent polls, the amount of money you make actually does determine your level of happiness. Reported in the April issue of Fast Company (p. 25), it seems the way we correlate happiness and money is quite complicated … Continue reading »

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Leading the Seder

The very act of retelling the Passover story, says Rabbi Evon Yakar, is what makes us Jewish. The Hebrew word for tradition, or mesorah, comes from the Hebrew root word for communication, limsor. The very act of telling the Passover story is what … Continue reading »

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Passover 2013: Eliminating, and Sharing, Bread

On this eve of Passover, I wrote this column below for I’ve included an excerpt here and a link to the full piece. Enjoy.   THIS PASSOVER comes at such an interesting time. Just days before my new book about … Continue reading »

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