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The Hands of Those You Love

Even in the hospital, my grandmother’s hands are soft and elegant. Long, tapered strong fingernails painted red – and miraculously, the polish doesn’t chip in the least. Her skin is almost translucent but her hands are still velvety soft. I … Continue reading »

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Letting Life Get In the Way: Forgot to Call the Tooth Fairy

Monday night I went to yoga with my boys and it’s a good thing I did. Among Katherine’s messaging was the notion of coming from a higher place in everything we do – not staying rooted in the external, the … Continue reading »

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The Sheer Surrealness of Real Life

I booed when I heard the name of the evil man in the holiday story and stomped my feet along with the rest of the congregation. My kids wore costumes and shook noisemakers to add to the fun and pandemonium. … Continue reading »

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Redeeming Tickets at a Carnival

Whether it’s on the boardwalk at the beach or at a synagogue holiday carnival, my kids like few things more than winning paper tickets and redeeming them for prizes. No matter that the prizes are cheap, breaks-once-we-get-it-home items that they … Continue reading »

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The Purim Story

Today is a fun Jewish holiday called Purim, a sort of Halloween with a carnival-like atmosphere of dress-up and treats but with a meaningful story at its core. Purim is a story of everything being upside down. What you think … Continue reading »

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