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Zen Shorts on Business

As I put my son to bed last night, he asked me to read a favorite book, Zen Shorts. It’s a beautiful tale of three siblings, who encounter a panda bear named Stillwater; he shares with them three stories that convey … Continue reading »

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Letting the Universe Guide Your Way

What if you let go and let the voices in your head speak? What if, instead of trying to steer the ship, you let the current of the sea beneath you take you where you need to go? What if … Continue reading »

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President Lincoln as the Consummate Business Leader

“Even before Lincoln the movie came along, there was a certain cult of leadership surrounding the 16th president.” – New York Times, January 27, 2013 Indeed, President Lincoln will always hold an illustrious place in history as a leader who took daring steps … Continue reading »

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Snow Day

In the dark house, the little one ran from room to room, waking up his siblings to let them know there is no school today. The ultimate oxymoron – no school, so wake up early. But that’s the way with … Continue reading »

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The Sadness of the Pantsuit

I’ve never liked women’s pantsuits. A feminist to the core, I don’t believe women should be always in skirts with high, frilly necklines. But I also believe we don’t have to mimic men to achieve equality. Last weekend, on the … Continue reading »

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Blazing Your Own Path

We have been inaugurated into the world of bar and bat mitzvahs. I’ve resisted the push, to be fair, but we’re there nonetheless. When Asher hit 4th grade, I got the email I didn’t know was coming, about The List. … Continue reading »

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Back to Basics…in Food

When you make cottage cheese pancakes with eggs straight from the farm and raw milk, you end up with a glorious yellow color and flavor so full it almost pops in your mouth. That’s what happens when you get back … Continue reading »

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It Always Comes Back to Relationships

I’ve been preaching for five-plus years that the key to building business is building your authentic relationships. And then last night, business guru Ted McGrath reminded me that, as much as you invest in Internet marketing, it is a shot … Continue reading »

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Martin Luther King, Jr. – the Quest for Equality Never Ends

Today, the kids and I are going to Ann Arbor to see the fairy doors. We believe in fairy tales. We believe in happy endings. We believe in possibility beyond what we can see. It’s fitting, then, that we are … Continue reading »

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Defining Spirituality: Ode to a Bat Mitzvah

My lifelong friend, whose daughter eloquently performed her bat mitzvah ceremony yesterday, remarked that her daughter enjoyed leading the service more than participating in it from the audience. Such poise from a young girl. And such truth. It occurs to … Continue reading »

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