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Gaining Perspective: New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

This is going to be the year of simplifying and slowing down. It has to be. 2012 and really the past few years have been on overdrive, going, doing, busy-ing, with every weekend seeming busier than the last when all … Continue reading »

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Work That Matters: Herb Alpert and Stan Getz (or: Is your work your art?)

You know the feeling when you do something you love – eyes closed, lost in thought, no worries, no little professor on your shoulder critiquing how you’re doing it, no looking at the clock, wishing away the day. It just … Continue reading »

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How to Get More Readers on Your Blog

Blogging is part art, part science. I write this blog to keep my writing chops honed and to build a platform for my voice. Who knows where it will lead? There was never any intention to monetize this blog, just … Continue reading »

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No Love in Their Hearts

Some months ago, I was at the kitchen table with my kids and my lovely babes kept uttering such profound messages, I felt it was God speaking through them right then and there. That’s the thing with kids: no filter, … Continue reading »

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Happy Christmas

I love when the world is silent. The roads are almost empty, stores are closed, everyone’s home. It’s a day of burrowing under the blanket, listening to soft music, reading a book or hugging someone you love. It’s a day … Continue reading »

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