Month: November 2012

Change the Words

I was reading yesterday in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, that if a word doesn’t serve you, if you recoil at the sound of it and it prevents you from truly experiencing whatever the word represents, change the word. Change the word. Huh. For a writer, that notion is groundbreaking. People do it all the time without realizing it. What… Read more →


There have been clients I knew I shouldn’t work with because a little voice in my head warned me during the negotiation phase. And I did it anyway and ended up with a mess. There have been times I’ve thought about buying something or going somewhere or having a conversation and I didn’t do it, even though the voice in… Read more →

Israel Through My Eyes

Yesterday, I printed out this article from Tablet Magazine and had my children read it. After all three had finished reading, including 6-year-old Shaya, who took his time, taking in every single word and asking questions along the way, we sat around the dinner table, deconstructing what it was all about. I asked some rudimentary questions just to make sure… Read more →