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The Lemons of Life

It’s so funny how we make plans. I’m going to do this today, and that tomorrow, and then next week or next month or next year…yadda yadda yadda Of course we have to plan. It’s imperative to be organized and … Continue reading »

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Change the Words

I was reading yesterday in Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, that if a word doesn’t serve you, if you recoil at the sound of it and it prevents you from truly experiencing whatever the word represents, change the word. Change … Continue reading »

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There have been clients I knew I shouldn’t work with because a little voice in my head warned me during the negotiation phase. And I did it anyway and ended up with a mess. There have been times I’ve thought … Continue reading »

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The Poetry of Sports

At our Thanksgiving table, my husband had to give a speech about the wonder of the San Francisco Giants.  You see, his brother lives in SF and we live here, and the rivalry between the brothers during the World Series … Continue reading »

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Back to the Blog

I took the last five days off to be with my family. We drove from Detroit through the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania and onward into our nation’s capital, for the holiday with one side of this ever-growing family. And then, … Continue reading »

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