Month: October 2012

Tears of Sheer Magnitude: On Superstorm Sandy

On the way to school, as I listened to the CBC report on destruction from Superstorm Sandy, I couldn’t keep back the tears. “Are you crying, Mommy?” Eliana asked.  “Yes.” “Why?” “Because the storm is just incredible,” I said. “Why are you crying because it’s incredible?” For one of the first times in my life, I couldn’t find the best… Read more →

Getting in Shape for Middle School Conferences

Yesterday I had the supreme joy of meeting with my eldest son’s math teacher at middle school conferences. What an eye-opening experience. There’s no neat, 15-minute private appointment when you know you have the teacher’s undivided attention. In elementary school, I arrive a minute or two before my proscribed time, whisk in, whisk out, and it’s wonderful. In middle school,… Read more →

Life Lessons Delivered Daily

Parent-teacher conferences are this week, and as I’m learning with my eldest child, sometimes school is not about book-learning. Sometimes it’s a lesson in navigating relationships. In fact, most of life is exactly that. We do our jobs, write our papers, ace tests, get fit, whatever the goal toward productivity – but it’s the relationships that trip us up. It’s… Read more →

Special Needs

Last night, I watched performers twist and bend, balance and dance, in Cirque Dreams, the  performance to benefit JARC. The show was wonderful, feats that seemed nearly impossible.  Every year, JARC hosts one major stage performance in downtown Detroit, as its major fundraiser. The organization has, for 40 years, helped people with special needs and the work they do is beautiful,… Read more →

Done With Mammograms

I’ve decided never to have another mammogram. (Wait for the gasps, guffaws and shaking fingers.) That’s right. I’m defying peer pressure and current medical beliefs for common sense. Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment to a mammogram from last spring. The reason for the follow-up was that the picture had changed from the last one I’d had several years earlier.… Read more →