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Why I Blog

Last night, my aunt asked me why I blog. The undertone hinted at the idea that it is such a public forum, why wouldn’t I want to quietly journal for myself and myself alone, and not share my thoughts and … Continue reading »

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Tears of Sheer Magnitude: On Superstorm Sandy

On the way to school, as I listened to the CBC report on destruction from Superstorm Sandy, I couldn’t keep back the tears. “Are you crying, Mommy?” Eliana asked.  “Yes.” “Why?” “Because the storm is just incredible,” I said. “Why … Continue reading »

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Letting Kids Win

I’ve been pondering which is the best parenting approach when playing a game with my kids: Let them win, go easy on them, or play to the best of your ability and let them rise to the challenge. The other … Continue reading »

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Getting in Shape for Middle School Conferences

Yesterday I had the supreme joy of meeting with my eldest son’s math teacher at middle school conferences. What an eye-opening experience. There’s no neat, 15-minute private appointment when you know you have the teacher’s undivided attention. In elementary school, … Continue reading »

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Life Lessons Delivered Daily

Parent-teacher conferences are this week, and as I’m learning with my eldest child, sometimes school is not about book-learning. Sometimes it’s a lesson in navigating relationships. In fact, most of life is exactly that. We do our jobs, write our … Continue reading »

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Special Needs

Last night, I watched performers twist and bend, balance and dance, in Cirque Dreams, the  performance to benefit JARC. The show was wonderful, feats that seemed nearly impossible.  Every year, JARC hosts one major stage performance in downtown Detroit, as its … Continue reading »

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Done With Mammograms

I’ve decided never to have another mammogram. (Wait for the gasps, guffaws and shaking fingers.) That’s right. I’m defying peer pressure and current medical beliefs for common sense. Yesterday I had a follow-up appointment to a mammogram from last spring. … Continue reading »

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The Problem With Kids Today is Their Parents: Ode to Yesterday’s Soccer Game

Before the game began, the other team’s coach eagerly ran up to me and said, “I think we should be allowed to move freely up and down the field to coach our players during the game.” “Works for me,” I … Continue reading »

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Memory Lane

Yesterday, a friend’s son became a bar mitzvah in the Orthodox synagogue I used to frequent. Dan and I dressed the part and arrived midway through services, only to be greeted by my children, who were there with their father. … Continue reading »

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Inside vs. Outside

Just spend a day scrolling through Facebook, and at least among my friends, you’ll see posts claiming the path to inner peace is not focusing on the outside world, but on perfecting your inside.  Meditate. Calm. Look within. Don’t blame. … Continue reading »

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