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Why I Blog

Last night, my aunt asked me why I blog. The undertone hinted at the idea that it is such a public forum, why wouldn’t I want to quietly journal for myself and myself alone, and not share my thoughts and … Continue reading »

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Tears of Sheer Magnitude: On Superstorm Sandy

On the way to school, as I listened to the CBC report on destruction from Superstorm Sandy, I couldn’t keep back the tears. “Are you crying, Mommy?” Eliana asked.  “Yes.” “Why?” “Because the storm is just incredible,” I said. “Why … Continue reading »

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Letting Kids Win

I’ve been pondering which is the best parenting approach when playing a game with my kids: Let them win, go easy on them, or play to the best of your ability and let them rise to the challenge. The other … Continue reading »

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Getting in Shape for Middle School Conferences

Yesterday I had the supreme joy of meeting with my eldest son’s math teacher at middle school conferences. What an eye-opening experience. There’s no neat, 15-minute private appointment when you know you have the teacher’s undivided attention. In elementary school, … Continue reading »

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Life Lessons Delivered Daily

Parent-teacher conferences are this week, and as I’m learning with my eldest child, sometimes school is not about book-learning. Sometimes it’s a lesson in navigating relationships. In fact, most of life is exactly that. We do our jobs, write our … Continue reading »

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